!! OMG, WATCH: Anderson Cooper grills Marco Rubio about EDM and raving !!

So I don’t know if you’re aware, but there’s a little rumour going around that Republican candidate Marco Rubio is the one featured in these 90’s foam party rave photos in South Beach in 1995. He was also rumoured to be a Chippendale dancer. An anti-gay Republican who used to mingle with the gays, you say!? …Sounds about right.


Anderson Cooper knows this, and grilled the anti-gay Republican candidate on his rave days and love for ‘EDM’. Check it out above.

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4 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Anderson Cooper grills Marco Rubio about EDM and raving"

  1. Um…. I’m seriously doubting many people know what a gay foam party is, or what happens there. Maybe I’m wrong…

  2. Jane, what exactly are you saying Rubio is being accused of? Rubio is in a pool at a party, not having gay sex. What is wrong with being in a dance troupe? What is the problem? In case you didn’t know, being a homosexual (gay!) is not exactly like being an axe murderer, or a child molester. It’s just another sexual orientation.

  3. Wasn’t everyone at a gay foam party on Miami Beach in the 90s?

  4. What hogwash. You should be very careful about your unsubstantiated weird false smears

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