!! OMG, WATCH: Can I have a hug Mr. President? !!

Ooooh! BURN! Shut down! Check out one kid’s simple request for Trump above, c/o Vic Berger.

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8 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Can I have a hug Mr. President?"

  1. Oh man…I have always enjoyed this blog. You just ruined it with this fake news. We all saw the real video where he eagerly embraced the boy. I know it’s a parody bit, but this is why we hate the media.

  2. Lucky child dodged a bullet. Bet Trump told him that if he got a hug, everybody would want one.

  3. Seriously post the rest of the video. Please be honest in reporting, at least say it’s a parody,seeing how in fact he did hug the boy. This is insult to people’s intelligence.

  4. Why don’t you post the rest of the video. Trump delivered and gave him a hug. Not saying what i feel about Trump but please don’t join the rest of the media and post nothing but lies….smh… Please verify stories before you post. It’s not fair to us as viewers getting fed fake stories. That’s the problem on both sides of the fence.

  5. If he would have hugged him such dumba** would have accused him of sexual abuse. Sad situation but smart man.

  6. Except Trump did in fact hug that boy. When will you liberals stop with your blatant LIES!
    You probably wont post my comment because its the truth.

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