!! OMG, WATCH: A Crystal Meth addict who is 12 days sober does the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride !!


A cautionary tale, some insight into the world of meth addiction, and the possibility of a new beggining. Check out Luke’s story, a personal trainer from Texas, who is 12 days sober and doing the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride. Hear his story below!

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8 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: A Crystal Meth addict who is 12 days sober does the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride"

  1. The gay community is losing more people to crystal meth than AIDS these days, so obviously more education about meth is in order. Ive had a few loved ones go through it and come out on the other side with their lives in tatters. Im tired of that. If you can only have fun when you’re high then you need help.

  2. Thanks Ty, I don’t know why gays like to tear other gays down. Maybe they are currently on meth. Not kidding, that is a real possibility. This guy is a great example.

  3. Gregg Hierholzer | July 1, 2016 at 11:44 pm | Reply

    Thanks TY for what you said. I was going to say something along those lines. They are all so negative. try to think happy, pleasant thoughts. I am sure Luke would like to see people wishing him all the best. I know I am (he’s cute too) 🙂


  4. Well said Ty.

  5. Robert and Learjet, when you’re a drug addict, 12 days sober is better than nothing. Instead of tearing him down, why not wish him well. Would it kill you to do so? People like yourselves are a part of what’s wrong with humankind and the gay community. Bitchy negative queens! I avoid your kind like a methpipe!

  6. 12 whole days? Good luck with that.

  7. i hope he can stay off meth, but my friends who were addicted weren’t able to. good luck.

  8. 12 days. Hmmm. Okay, girl.

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