!! OMG, WATCH: Model reveals a sometimes awful truth about the industry and “fake” plus-size models !!

This is ridiculous – and probably causes a lot of problems for real plus-size people! Model and Tiktoker, Ronja Quinn, explains that although she is considered to be a plus-size model, the clothes that belong to the plus-size category start from size 44, while the model’s size is clearly smaller, so they are quite big on her. So, some of the brands pad the skinnier models in order to make them appear plus-size…

Clearly, this is wrong and the model told us that this happens really rarely, “Most plus brands do not fake the bodies. But for those who do, I think they would only care if the sales goes down, because in the end that’s all that matters. That’s why I wanted to make the video, so that consumers could make better choices, since I believe the power is in their hands.”

Check out her explaining the whole padding escalando after the jump!


Based on questions for my video “from skinny to plus size” with 3M views, link in comments ➡️

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3 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Model reveals a sometimes awful truth about the industry and “fake” plus-size models"

  1. The pop-up ads begging me to pay you to make the pop-up ads go away will never make me pay you.

  2. Plus size is plus size. So what? The issue is to have more of a variety. Stop bitching and do something about it. Also I worked at Saks and several designers like Versace, Givenchy, Donna Karan, Armani did do plus sizes but they didn’t sell worth a damn. If they’re not buying then designers stop making it. That simple. They can’t keep making what is NOT selling either. Most plus size models on high end runway shows never get the clothes made because stores don’t order them. So start there. Bitch at stores instead of designers. Again, they don’t make what is not ordered nor purchased.

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