!! OMG, WATCH: A new documentary chronicles the beginnings of Italo Disco !!

"Italo Disco Legacy" official teaser from Italo Disco Legacy on Vimeo.

Directed by Pietro Anton, Italo Disco Legacy goes back to the ’80s to trace the style’s first moments and cult musical figures. It also traces how the genre spread to dance floors around the world and its ongoing relevance thanks to some of the world’s best DJs. The film features interviews with some of Italo’s greatest purveyors both young and old, including Alexander Robotnick, Daniele Baldelli—who spoke with us late last year about the Italo roots of cosmic disco—Bordello a Parigi, Alden Tyrell, DJ Overdose and Black Devil Disco Club. It also includes a conversation with I-F, whose online radio station Cybernetic Broadcasting System did so much to revive interest in the Italo-disco sound.

Check out the trailer above and find more details on their Facebook Page here.

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