!! OMG, WATCH: Trump says windmills cause cancer and kills bald eagles !!

This is absolutely NUTS! And he’s still obsessing about Hilary Clinton?

“If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 percent in value,” he told the National Republican Congressional Committee spring dinner. “And they say the noise causes cancer. You tell me that one, okay? Rrrrr rrrrr!”

Check out Trump‘s garbage spew at the Republican committee dinner. He’s so environmentally conscious!

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52 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Trump says windmills cause cancer and kills bald eagles"

  1. “A 2013 study published in The Wildlife Society Bulletin found that wind turbines killed an estimated 573,000 birds annually in the United States. And that figure was 4 years ago. According to U.S. Wind Energy State Facts (Oct. 2016), there are over 52,000 wind turbines installed across 40 U.S. States plus Puerto Rico & Guam.

    Most people do not realize how little energy is actually derived from these wind turbines. For calendar year 2016, Wikipedia states that wind power in the United States amounted to only 5.55% of generated electrical energy. The goal is to have these turbines produce 20% of generated electrical energy in the U.S. by 2030—and one can only imagine how many more turbines would have to be built with an incalculable risk to birds.”


    • It’s funny how facts like this get ridiculed only because they come from the President. Nobody is controlling him. He doesn’t read everything from a teleprompter like our former POTUS. EVERYTHING is scripted. DJT knows their game and is playing it quite well. Why do you think the media who once LOVED taking his money,have turned on him? He learned their game over the years and is using it against them.Open your mind. You will see.

    • https://globalwindday.org/ufaqs/much-electricity-can-one-wind-turbine-generate/

      they can produce a lot. And are improving. but if you are so concerned with birds then we must also get rid of home windows, office windows, cell towers boats, and cats.

  2. Dear Pfizer, Merck, Eli Lilly, J&J, AstraZeneca and the like; these liberals really need a cure for TDS pronto.
    Personally, I would love to see these whack-jobs be shipped off to a padded room somewhere in an S-hole country. But a nice pill to chill these people the hell out would be a great start.
    2+ years and ya’ll still coocoo?
    Sad that ya’ll still acting like 2yo children in the middle of a temper tantrum.
    Were only 1/4 the way through the mans presidency….6 more long years suckas!!!
    How are you all gonna survive?
    11/3/2020 is going to be way more epic and entertaining than 2016 was.

    Now cue all the “tolerant leftist” with their wishes to have me drop dead, call me a turd or whatever.
    They make me giggle when they do that.

  3. Hey its Shitlayer1, are you the main squeeze on Putin’s tiny wee-wee? troll, troll, and more troll. Only way to fight trolls, and your bile is to troll right back.

  4. Remember when Al “I invented the internet.” Gore and the like told us Miami and other coastal cities would be under water by now? Miami is still building on the coast and Gore has an estate on the west coast. Miami….Anyone?

  5. Everything from a liberal mouth is GOLD.

  6. Seriously, other than being more hateful,what has Trump done to make your life so terrible?

  7. He may be wrong about many things, but Pres Trump‘s correct about the damage done to bald eagles and other birds of prey by windmills. Plus, they cost $1.14 for every $1.00 of energy they produce! But they are a great way to virtue signal.

  8. Keith is correct. Why the obsession?

  9. He’s making fools of all of you.

  10. This guy is a complete maniac. He gets worse and worse. It still boggles my mind how ANYONE could have possibly voted for this incredibly stupid human being, much less elect him to POTUS.

  11. And you liberals have OACortez saying we have 12 more yrs. to live and all the other garbage she said in her green deal.

  12. DAMM!! How stupid can one guy be?? His HEAD is up his ass! Any grade school kid knows this
    is pure liquid SHIT! And I bet they are laughing too! As well as his family and the whole
    staff at the White House, which, he has desecrated by his presents being in the oval office!

    • Not as stupid as Donald here using presents in lieu of PRESENCE.

      Presents, verb – give or award formally or ceremonially. – formally introduce (someone) to someone else.
      Presents, noun – a thing given to someone as a gift.

      Presence, noun – the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.

      ANY grade school kid knows at least that much.

      Stay in school kids.

      • wow, all that time on your hands…………….. and have you read about the condition of our schools?
        And you should not call people names, Bitch.

  13. and his dumb inbred homeschooled supporters gobble that crap up because at least he not black…

  14. Keith Renton | April 3, 2019 at 1:19 pm | Reply

    You guys have Trump Derangement Syndrome

  15. It is also a fact that listening to Trump noise also causes mass stupidity. At the moment, the national level of stupidity is affecting around 35% of the general population; usually contained to rural communities with little more than Fox News broadcast over local cable.

    • And either they trolls on this item are in that 35% or the Russian bots are attacking OMG because a Trump news item appeared in their search engine.

      • Beep beep beep am I a bot? a troll? Maybe I’m just a free thinker who sees thru the BS media. Rad, you think the midwest only gets Fox news broadcasts? It’s the other networks who every day have something to say about him. When Barry was potus, days went by without one mention of him. If the media didn’t feel the need to blast Trump 24/7, we would be a better country. Next time get a candidate that cares and goes to the midwest instead of sitting on her ass getting drunk and blaming everyone else for her loss.

        • my mol the troll, lots of free time on your hands, must be warming up in St. Pete.

          • No Robert i’m in MAGA country Chicago the city that just elected its first lesbian black mayor. There you go. Talk about free time. What do you have?

          • Actually Chi-town where we just elected our first lesbian of color mayor. MAGA country as Jussy would say.

          • Actually here in Chicago “MAGA country”as Jessy would call it, it’s quite nice. We just elected our first openly gay woman of color Mayor and POTUS congratulated her.

          • Oh, it must be a sad life you have, moll the troll. I know Chicago, and its not MAGA territory. They did not vote for or support trump. Just keep your lips on putin’s little wee-wee maybe you will get a break soon!

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