!! OMG, we can’t get enough of Survivor Australia’s handsy daddy contestants !!

CROIKEY! Queerty tipped us onto this hot moment between this season’s Survivor Australia contestants Jordie and Simon. These two are flirty boots!

Early on, a particularly buff competitor named Simon Vee (who was previously on the Brains Vs. Brawn season) finds what he suspects to be a hidden immunity idol.

Now, if you’re a Survivor super-fan, you know a hidden immunity idol is something you need to keep a secret—saved for only your most trusted allies in the game—unless you want to put a target on your back. So, keep it a secret Simon does… by smuggling the idol in his butt!

Ever the strategist, Simon decides to tell his fellow tribesmen Jordie (previously on Blood Vs. Water), and their ensuing interaction—re-captured in a clip that’s gone viral on Twitter X this week thanks to user @reindeereks—is both hilarious and super hot, if we’re being honest.

Roll the tape after the jump!

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