!! OMG, Zachary Quinto’s model ex Miles McMillan strips down for the next issue of Italian Vogue !!

What a… strapping young man! Zachary Quinto‘s ex, Miles McMillan, models for the upcoming issue of Italian Vogue shot by Marcus Cooper. Thoughts?

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14 Comments on "OMG, Zachary Quinto’s model ex Miles McMillan strips down for the next issue of Italian Vogue"

  1. First of all, I’m not the same person as ThomasG, who apparently responded to defend my point, and I thank him. But you know what; you’re right. See? When one has made a mistake —as you clearly have, also— it’s a lot more becoming to simply say,”Oops. Thanks”, and move on .. instead of reacting childishly. Everyone makes mistakes. More importantly, my having overlooked the capitalization of a name doesn’t change the fact that you’ve made gross grammatical errors on a professional news or information website. But the big difference between my error and yours is that… IT’S YOUR *%∂!Úîœ JOB!! I suppose if you were a bank clerk and the customer caught you counting money wrong, you’d tell them, “Yeah, if you’re so smart, let’s see YOU do it!”. The fact that you have responded in the childish manner you have, tells us a lot about your level —or lack of— professionalism. Congratulations on putting out some great PR.

  2. Great body. He is gorgeous.

  3. Uh… When U asked 4 thoughts, I thought… There would be more 2 sink Our teeth in2!

    It’ rather difficult 2 gather thoughts, opinions, comments etc. Just on one rather “shadowed photo!” Sorry. – Grey

  4. Obviously almost everyone on this thread has taken their bitch pills today….this is all getting tiresome.

  5. Zane Stuart | May 25, 2021 at 5:43 pm | Reply

    Well, it’s not my aesthetic…

  6. Robert Heikkila | May 25, 2021 at 10:25 am | Reply

    It’s “Miles” not Mile

  7. Is that all you’ve got ??

  8. What’s to see?

  9. You guys should learn to use commas. Your headline (ZACHARY QUINTO’S MODEL EX MILE MCMILLAN STRIPS DOWN . . .) is, at first, a little confusing without them. Secondly —not that I’m always this bitchy, but— you asked for “thoughts” on the photo. Well, it’s not *your* fault, but I wonder if the photographer of “Quinto’s model ex mile” has ever heard of fill light; trying to see any detail in that dark crotch area would require a Hubble telescope!

    • Just an FYI, one shouldn’t criticize the grammar of others unless their own is proper and on point! In your wondering about the photographer, you didn’t capitalize “Quinto’s model ex’s” first name — which is a grammatical “rule” most all of us learned way back in kindergarten or first grade.

      • Capitalization has nothing to do with grammar: it’s part of the mechanics of writing.

        • Strange, then, that English teachers around the globe label misspelled words as grammatical errors, huh?? Regardless, my point remains the same: IF you’re going to criticize others for HOW they write then whatever you write ought not have mistakes in it!!

  10. boring

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