!! OMG, ’90s house throwback alert: watch Kiddy Smile’s “Get Myself Alone” video !!

Kiddy Smile is a singer/rapper/producer from Paris who, according to Bullett, was “discovered” by Beth Ditto and landed a gig as The Gossip’s opening act. He has since played shows with Hercules and Love Affair and Sam Sparro and is preparing to release an EP called Worthy of Your Love. He describes the music video his excellent new single “Get Myself Alone” as a bit CK One commercial, a bit Malcolm McLaren “Deep In Vogue.”
Here is what Kiddy Smile had to say when Bullett asked the inspiration question:

“Get Myself Alone” is about somebody you’re done with but they don’t care because they don’t want to leave. Sometimes I would call my songs very feminist, because I was raised by a single mother. She made sacrifices for us and I think to let someone else treat you less than than what you’re worth is anti-feminist. And being raised by a single mom, you have to be a feminist.

Damn, for some reason our one-track minds immediately assumed “Get Myself Alone” was a masturbation anthem. Or, more specifically, an anthem for people whose partners/relatives have walked in on them mid-masturbation. (Because every moment of every day needs an anthem.)
BONUS! Watch Kiddy Smile’s “Worthy of Your Love” video after the jump!

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