!! OMG, A-List peen: Reichen Lehmkuhl !!

Well, now you know. Reichen Lehmkuhl likes to jack off on Cam4.com. When images of a Reichen-esque body started circulating earlier this week, everyone broke out their inspector kits to compare chins and other various body parts. Was it him? Could it be? Put away your magnifying glasses, because according to Queerty, Reichen himself confirmed the validity of the shots. Read the conversation between The A-List: New York star and a Queerty reader (and then see the peen shots after the jump):
REICHEN · 6:11pm
Well I’ve jacked off on cam lots of times.
Is there an actual video?
READER: · 6:11pm
ok. so it’s you then
no…it’s screen shots of you
REICHEN· 6:13pm
Yep I think so
I haven’t looked
I don’t look at my press and I can’t break the rule!
But lots of people are writing me and saying it’s me
REICHEN [regarding the bisexual status he wrote on his Cam4.com profile] · 6:30pm
that was probably a mistake
wait they dont’ show my cock right?
i heard it’s blurred out
READER· 6:31pm
it’s not blurred
it’s juicy
REICHEN· 6:32pm
on what site?
READER· 6:32pm
REICHEN· 6:33pm
Nothing’s sacred anymore I guess
READER · 6:33pm
well who cares. If i looked that good, I’d be happy to show everyone
REICHEN· 6:34pm
you’re helping me feel better. I guess. It looks that good?

UPDATE: The images have been removed upon request.

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41 Comments on "OMG, A-List peen: Reichen Lehmkuhl"

  1. Is that really him ? It does look like it, however, his face is partially hidden. His dick is nice….not small at all. He is a handsome man, no one can argue with that. Tsll, athletic, very Nordic looking. However, I want to see his ass & (hole) ! He is purportedly a real insatiable power-bottom and can go for hours with big, hung cox ! OH YES…..

  2. reichen- you’re gorgeous. I would go to bed with you in a heartbeat and suck your d**k…i’m also a bottom

  3. Dear Ryx u’re more than gorgeous as u know ur self… even blind people saying u’re gorgeous…
    the quinnies slut are critical evil b*tch they jealous of who u are… this is GAY world & u’re American can do what ever be free.
    even Price Harry have naked pic on public…
    love love love the A list, love the drama, the fight, they b*tch i miss all that kind moment i was have with my slut friends, we all split up hahahhaha

  4. william ocariz | November 4, 2011 at 9:49 am | Reply

    Ryken, you are absolutely gorgeous! Don’t listen to those jealous
    bitches who are all probably ugly stupid queens. I’d give a kings ransom just to take you to dinner and fly you. private. wherever you
    wanted to go.Just let me know, you have my e-mail. I love you Baby

  5. You sure didn’t disappoint me at all, but I’m a straight women who would jump you in a second even though you are gay. You beautiful and everybody is just jealous.Don’t fell bad about the picture it is great from head to penis.
    beautiful.I wish I could have some of that, it’s been way to long.

  6. I am going to guess, those NASTY comments came from some NASTY trolls that would NEVER have a shot with this guy. The guy fucked up by doing this (being a public figure), but dont listen to these NASTY comments, you look great and you should have a thick skin to let these LOSERS’ comments roll off your back. All I could say is you should be used to these types of jealous bitches by now, I know I am, and if they had the balls, they would post their pics with their cocks, since they think they are so hot and hung annonymously.


  8. Not exactly hung like a horse.

  9. Teeny weenie Reich!
    And is it really a uniball?

  10. God Reichen…you did it. Own it now. You are hot with nothing to be ashamed of. Honestly, you had to know this was gonna hit the web. Don’t ask don’t tell? Try Don’t photo, don’t post!

  11. hmm, well hardly worth the wait. I thought, given his wooden performance on the A list that he’d be packing something special, alas it aint the case. He’s got a good bod, there’s no denying that (though Rodiney’s bod is MUCH hotter).
    good on you Reichen for getting it out. It will probably make you a bit of cash. Why don’t you do a video too (Kardashian style?)

  12. Def a good 8 to 8.5 inches… and fat… from tip to base.. U’d def feel that one.. and if u didn’t, u need a bat next time.. MORE than adequate.. and Im not crazy about him since Alist. I think his BF Rodney is bigger tho lol.

  13. It’s a little bigger than I thought it would be. And, I wasn’t expecting much.

  14. This man is a gift from heaven..but is it me or the guy in this photo has a different haw structure than reichen I mean his is more box shape and muscular appearance if you understand like his jaw is completely different from this guys according to my glance at it, but nontheless sexy picture

  15. I only looked because I wanted to verify the “uniball” comment from the TV show. It appears not to be true. OK, I’ve seen them. I’m over it.

  16. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…. it’s funny because it’s so small. Ha ha ha ha ha. Small penis. Big guy. LOL

  17. He’s as hot as ever. I wish I could see the whole “shows” he did. Anyone making negative comments is jealous. Sorry, but he’s beautiful. I would have loved it if he showed his hole too, but this was already more than I hoped for.

  18. Neither small nor large, average really. I gotta say, he’s gorgeous and has a great body. Austin looks a right twat now!

  19. and, of course, the size queens are on the case.
    im not a huge reichen fan, but that dick would do it for me.

  20. Im sorry…those guys that have a need to respond negatively to this…i say slap your photos on and see what responses you get. At the end of the day he put photos on a web site, who the hell hasnt done that, i dont know who he is and dont really care. but im sure if your photos got out you would like some respect?

  21. i’d swallow that!

  22. Hot…. Good looking guy, he irritated me less then anyone else…

  23. a man as hot as reichen shouldn’t need to jerk off on cam cause i would suck his cock and let him fuck me anytime. he is soooooo gorgeous. such a hot body and nice cock

  24. eh, doesn’t really look like him…

  25. dood, ur old enuf to be the freakin grampa of most people on here. puhleeeeez put ur pants back on. at least grow old with some dignity. its all you really have to hold onto. sad.

  26. tasteslikeass | April 6, 2011 at 8:11 pm | Reply

    That’s hot. If only he showed us his hole.

  27. Hmmmm, he does not look that big, erect….to be showing off. I would say, maybe around 6″ and thin! …A desperate cry for help and extra fame….he might as well do porn.
    I think he is mentally unstable

  28. Now I see why Lance Bass left him. Sorta small…..

  29. Totally average, not small like Austin claimed on that show, but nothing to write home about… the body makes it hot…

  30. Um, yes. Yes it does look that good. *thud*

  31. Yes Reichen, it’s awful when something as crass as media attention ruins the sanctity of your live jack-off shows. What’s this world coming to?

  32. Looks like every gay dick you find online for a local hook up. Not impressed

  33. OMG! This guy is a bomb!! Very sexual drive for me! Incredible!!! 😀

  34. Is he uncut?
    Either way, it’s hot.

  35. “Nothing’s sacred anymore”
    … He was jacking off on a public internet camming website. How sacred is that ? Goodness me that’s a moronic statement.

  36. MEH!….that cant tickle my pickle

  37. WOW…they were not kidding! I would never show my weeny if it were THIS tiny! NO WONDER he is a bottom…lol

  38. Yep, it DOES look good….

  39. Nicely shaped average size dick, big nuts, fantastic body. But A-List? Not even close.

  40. I’d hit it if he never sang again

  41. It’s kinda alright…. lacks girth …but he’s handsome at least.

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