!! OMG, are you watching until the world ends? Brit’s new video !!

Aaaaaaaand here it is, the video for “Till the World Ends,” in all its Britney come-back glory.

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6 Comments on "OMG, are you watching until the world ends? Brit’s new video"

  1. Yawn… Seriously overproduced, as usual. Why does she always do monotone, defined beat songs? Oh yeah, she has no talent except for her early producers, and they’ve obviously gone away.

  2. Further to my previous comment – WHY is everything Britney does being referred to as a come-back? Like I said, “come-back” insinuates that her recent singles and albums bombed but in fact they have all charted very well.
    She was – and STILL IS – a successful star. Let’s get rid of this media fixation with ‘come-back’…..
    Luv ya Brit!

  3. Love how there no back-handed compliment! Definitely earned respect from me. Thanks for the Brit post!
    And I noticed that when you do a normal post of Britney like this, 1 person is against you, but when you post a negative, 5 people are.

  4. You have got to be kidding….I used to love this webite. Is someone new writing this blog?? Brittney’s a joke. How embarrassing.

  5. I love Britney but I’m sick of hearing the word ‘come-back’. EVERY single and album release since “Gimme More” onward has been referred to as a ‘come-back’. It’s just a polite way of saying everything she does is a BOMB!

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