!! OMG, a contest: Straight lads !!

It’s time to give away another site membership from my Gay Bloggies prize package. This week, in response to all you Australians and others who aren’t awake when I post the contests, we won’t be doing a “first response” type contest, but rather a “caption this.”
The challenge: Write a caption for the above photo.
Please post your answers in comments. The winner will be chosen at the discretion of the !! omg blog !! editorial team and will receive a one-year membership to Straightlads.com (link NSFW). Good luck!
UPDATE: The contest is now closed.

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304 Comments on "OMG, a contest: Straight lads"

  1. What do you mean that you want to take some more artistic shots?

  2. Alan down in Florida | March 19, 2008 at 12:47 pm |

    Sex, Hugs and Hot Dog Roll.

  3. And he thought being posted on YouTube was embarrassing OMG!

  4. One Ball Park frank- .50 cents
    One hot dog bun- .35 cents
    Having one in your hands and another behind you- priceless

  5. Ugh, this totally isn’t the other sausage i had in mind for our first threesome

  6. Two hot dogs, one boy

  7. If you can eat a hot dog with your ass…. you MIGHT be a homosexual.

  8. You’re about to find out what makes Nathan’s Hot Dog World Famous!
    When you said it was a sausage fest, I didn’t have this in mind.
    I still think the chili dispenser at the 7-11 is less hygienic.

  9. I knew I Like Beef one way or another…

  10. “Nigel”, I said, “Not while I’m eating – especially a hot dog!”

  11. The Team captain can’t keep a straight face as the unsuspecting newbie is about to bite in to his lunch.
    Check out Straightlads.com to find out what they actually did to it and more.
    “Let’s just say that the whole team have added just that little bit of extra flavour!”

  12. John Gardner | March 19, 2008 at 9:32 am |

    And in a moment of searing pain and pleasure, Nick realised what Jonathan really meant when he invited him over for a hot dog.

  13. Conly King | March 19, 2008 at 9:24 am |

    I hope your name is Nathan, because I am ready for a footlong!

  14. How awesome is this, a hot dog in my hand and another in my arse!

  15. man i so wish this was a hot cock

  16. I’ve always like a banger in a bun!

  17. (Guy in the back),,,,a few more condiments on this and he won’t know what hit his virgin ass…..

  18. um, dude, can you throw a little more ketchup on that before you try and stick it in again….

  19. Wiener roast – just add 2 guys and a sausage

  20. God I hope this isnt the only tube of meat i get to fucking taste tonight…
    i wonder if this is cheese filled too

  21. One with mayo, one without

  22. The wiener takes it all, The loser standing small

  23. Hmmm… I wonder if he’s felt it go in yet.

  24. uh, but i have the weiner

  25. Uhhhm… I only paid for one sausage!!

  26. OMG, it makes me want a hot dog REAL BAD!

  27. “Mmmm, nice and meaty… By the way, how’s that there hotdog yer holding?”

  28. Red didn’t have to wait long to find out just what happened to his missing second hot dog. . .

  29. My hotdog has a first name. It’s B. O. N. E. R.

  30. random Hotdog/penis sexual enuendo
    wow, we are so gay.

  31. “this is still bigger than you”

  32. Hmmmmmm, I guess MY weiner wasn’t enough….. Bitch!!!

  33. i want it both from the front and from the back!

  34. Boy do I love Hot Dog’s in my bun!

  35. ugh..can i atleast put it in my mouth to be more realistic, i cant imagine eating it

  36. you wanna put that where!!!!

  37. 2 guys 1 wiener

  38. mmmm….i can’t wait to eat this hot dick! i meant dog! yes. “dog.”

  39. poor Nick. this is the closest he will ever get to Brian’s hot dog.
    for some reason, Nick was disappointed when a naked Brian offered to slip him a hot dog sandwich and got an actual sandwich.
    irony as defined by OMG blog.
    you finally get the chance to get your hot friend’s hot dog in your mouth, just not how you expected.

  40. Is any of this going to affect my application to Oxford?

  41. Ugh…if Kent does the Popeye voice I am out of here.

  42. After where I just had my mouth, why do I hesitate with this hot dog?

  43. After what just happened, why do I so want this pork wiener?

  44. Damn it…now Brad is second guessing my moaning on that reach around.

  45. poor Ben. this wasn’t what he was thinking of when Nick was naked behind him and asked him if he would’ve liked to get slipped a hot dog.

  46. Oh my god! Now I get it…this pork wiener is ironic.

  47. Oh lucky day! That’s twice already Jan had found a brat too big for his buns…

  48. OMG, do i want this in my mouth or is it already in my ass?

  49. Chad here shows us that the wiener is never too long.

  50. Damn, if only his weiner was as big as this oscar mayer weiner!!!

  51. When I said I wanted to eat a weiner this isn’t what I had in mind!!!!

  52. Dude! It’s even bigger than this!
    (he’s looking at the guy to his right/our left in disbelief)

  53. while he looks scared to touch that meat daddy is smiling behind him “thinking i’ll teach you son”

  54. “if you think the weiner I’m holding is big, then you havent see the one in my ass!’

  55. justin Young | March 19, 2008 at 12:24 am |

    To the left, to the left

  56. Guy 1 “Oh did I tell you…? Eating hot dogs gives me really bad diarrhea.”
    Guy2 “Oh man…NOW you tell me!”

  57. When the director said double penetration I dont think this was exactly what he had in mind.

  58. When the director said double penetration, I dont think he had exactly this in mind.

  59. “Maybe letting him check my prostate for a footlong wasn’t such a good deal after all.”

  60. Now THAT’S a foot-long!!

  61. “…so WHAT kind of porn IS this?”

  62. To the guy behind him, “Ow! Damn, you musta gotten the foot long!”

  63. “Measure up to this or get out now.”

  64. “Ok friend, to make a classic American hotdog, you put a steaming hot wiener between the bun, then you put ke……..WHOA! I SAID BUN NOT BUNS MAN!”

  65. “Umm excuse me… my weiner is atleast a few inches longer than this!”

  66. noonespecial; | March 18, 2008 at 11:49 pm |

    “Talk about a weiner in the front and in the back”

  67. More proof that the hotdog is the gayest food…

  68. “I ordered a frank, not a Dick!?!?!”

  69. “Hmmm…for once, I wish I was being treated like a piece of meat.”

  70. Too many “dogs” for just one hole…

  71. “OMG, if that dude loogies on the back of my head, I’m so totally not giving his hotdog back.”

  72. Uhhh…I thought you said said about as big as this wiener? I don’t feel it.

  73. Chris Lanni | March 18, 2008 at 10:59 pm |

    Oscar Mayer: The Early Years

  74. When they said it would be a weiner buffet, this isnt how i thought i would be taking it…… in a bun or up my bum

  75. Just that size ?… I can take both end at one shot !…

  76. OMG – Straight to the next buns!

  77. “when you’re done with that, you can finish mine.”

  78. OMG – a rugby meat!

  79. Jrunner21287 | March 18, 2008 at 10:54 pm |

    uhhh… this isn’t exactly the weiner i wanted…

  80. When Frank ordered a Foot Long, he got quite a tasty surprise in the end!

  81. “when i said i’ll hold your sauasage for you i didn’t mean in my arse”

  82. “He’s not lying, it is bigger.”

  83. “I said, ‘just the head!'”

  84. Me thinks the wiener is my bum is a tad bigger than the wiener in my bun.

  85. “OMG, there’s no way I can stuff another one in…but i’ll try anyways”

  86. “Kevin longed to taste Jamie’s thick, juicy weiner.”

  87. Guy in the back: “Are you sure that’s kosher?”
    Guy in the front: “I could ask you the same thing.”

  88. Hey, hold the bratwurst until I finish my hot dog.

  89. The ONLY way to have a second serving of wiener before you’ve finished the first.

  90. Hot dog again? I think I’d rather have it attached to the cutie behind me.

  91. This isnt what I thought the sign meant by ‘Two for the Price of one’.

  92. dude… im so not gay

  93. “ahh helloooooo, of course i can swallow this hotdog sideways, i’ve been doing it since i was 2 years old bitch”
    “hehehehe…” (dude in the background)

  94. Little did Billy know playing swap the hot dog meant more than eating Shawn’s cold
    Ballpark frank.

  95. Dude, i said i liked this kind of hot dog, not that kind.

  96. One in my ass, one in my mouth…Jesus Straightlads rocks!!

  97. ” 2 hottt dawgss for the price of one”

  98. Ahhhh, what a nice sized wiener, oh and this hot dog looks good too!

  99. That’s it, right there!

  100. Damn, delivery boy. They always deliver to the wrong entrance.

  101. “OMG two sausages at the same time!”

  102. Another big frank? I don’t know. I’m already feeling stuffed from the last one.

  103. I don’t think this second one is gonna fit!

  104. “It’s a commonly-known fact among straight boys that, if you turn a blind eye to your friend manhandling a sausage, neither of you is gay.”

  105. My dream come true, I can have a wiener and eat one too.

  106. – “I think you misunderstood my “I’m going to be waiting for you with my sausage flowing out with its mayonnaise” remark, duh”.
    – “That was too close to be true”.

  107. the guy in the front: “mm! hotdog!”
    the guy in the back: “hehehe… I wonder if he’ll notice…”

  108. Fine, I’ll eat your sausage, but tell Joe to take his damn hand off my ass!

  109. “wow, it really does plump as you cook em!”

  110. “Look, I’m sorry, it’s just that if I have two foot-longs I’ll be too full for the next half.”

  111. With his brothers foot up his ass and 7 hot dogs in his gut, Adam suddenly realized that the ‘Foot Long Weiner Stunt’ was no longer worth it.

  112. tonite on MTV’s NEXT!, andrew will have to decide: will he stay with matthew, and chow down on weiners on a second date, or will he take the foot long and try it out on his own buns.

  113. Do you think I could break Kobayashi’s world record if I devour weiners from both ends?

  114. Marshall Collins | March 18, 2008 at 8:42 pm |

    For the last time, eating a hot dog does NOT mean I want to be gang banged.

  115. A dream cum true. a wiener for both ends. Deeper baby.

  116. ‘take it in? or take away?’

  117. Crud, I missed some words… That should have read…
    “You know, when I said I had some hot buns for your wiener this isn’t QUITE what I had in mind…”

  118. “You know…when I had some hot buns for you wiener this isn’t QUITE what I had in mind…”

  119. “Duh! whoever smelt it delt it dude!!

  120. i like my wieners like i like my men: long, hard, and topped with sauerkraut.

  121. “Whoa! That dog’s too big for my bun.”

  122. WOW, this sausage is bigger than i thought!

  123. “What a day…First a hotdog with no ketchup, and now I’m getting backdoored by Steve-O”

  124. Nick Stone | March 18, 2008 at 7:59 pm |

    “where’s the beef?”

  125. Billy is having a hard time deciding whether to eat, or play with, Oscar Meyer’s weiner.

  126. “OMG can you believe they forgot the relish?”

  127. Visual proof that the term “sausage on a bun” is more interpretive than you’d think.

  128. Matt found out the dangers of playing on the visually-impaired rugby team when he yelled out “hey, these wienies are good, pass me another”.

  129. “I’m expected to eat all of this meat!”
    “Whatever! You didn’t complain last night!”

  130. lolhumancat | March 18, 2008 at 7:43 pm |

    I know it’s not an LOL cat, but I can’t resist!:
    “O hai! Plz wait, secksy rugby stud wuntz eatz before treatz!”
    Or for a human translation:
    “Dude, let me finish my dog before I start on your rod. Eats before treats!”

  131. Beef, it’ MORE than what’s for dinner.

  132. Sometimes you are the weinie, sometimes you are the bun.

  133. So, wait, remind me again how this is supposed to prepare me for that…?

  134. “I’m serious, mine is bigger than that!”

  135. chris skinner | March 18, 2008 at 7:31 pm |

    while steve struggled and struggled, jay delighted in the fact that he had such a tight bun.

  136. Guy with Dog: “WTF, dude? That’s the fourth hot dog you’ve stuck in there.”
    Shirtless Guy: “What, I like to tenderize it first.”

  137. “I love sausages”!!

  138. Damn, my hot dog is bigger than that!

  139. “hot dog up your ass…how original. last week we had taco salad, deal with that and i’ll be impressed.”

  140. When I said “I dare you to take this wiener,” that’s not what I was thinking.

  141. christopherds | March 18, 2008 at 7:05 pm |

    “Man Give me Some warning before you do that, I am eating here”

  142. christopherds | March 18, 2008 at 7:04 pm |

    “Man Give me Some warning before you do that, I am eating here”

  143. When I said I wanted a wiener in my bun, this isn’t what I meant.

  144. christopherds | March 18, 2008 at 7:00 pm |

    “Hey Hey I am trying to eat here give me a little more warning ”

  145. Alright, guys. Why does this smell like ass?

  146. “Wait, wait, wait! This is supposed to go up where!?”

  147. Look what I found while flossing

  148. stick2glue | March 18, 2008 at 6:51 pm |

    “i hope they don’t see me sweating”

  149. After years of searching, Lil’ Ben finally found the missing link

  150. -OR-
    So does this one have the creamy filling, just like the one Coach always feeds me? And why aren’t you feeding it to me from the front of your shorts?

  151. -OR-
    Yeah, Bruce’s weiner is bigger than this one…but this one smells better.

  152. So THIS is it? Thank God! I thought you meant we were gonna be eating the weiner of some guy nameds Oscar Meyer!!!

  153. “I love sausages”!!

  154. “this clearly isn’t kosher – neither is what the guy is doing behind me”

  155. “I don’t know why I keep getting yellow cards for ball handling, but at least I have time to practice with this weiner.”

  156. OMG, They’re young, hairy and naked. Straightlads.com. Hungry?

  157. When young Frank ordered the Foot Long to go, he ended up with a rather tasty surprise! He also got fucked up the ass too!

  158. I always use a condiment when a gent masticates my wiener.

  159. “this lunch is bigger than my date last night.”

  160. When I said, “I dare you to take this wiener,” that’s NOT what I was thinking.

  161. Do you think I can beat Kobayashi for gobbling the most wieners if I go at from both ends?

  162. brentmichael | March 18, 2008 at 6:26 pm |

    (this is what the guy in the back is saying) Hmmmm… If he can take that whole hotdog in his mouth all at one, I’m making him my bitch.

  163. That better be a hotdog I just sat on!

  164. That better be a hotdog I just sat on!

  165. “Uh, thanks – but I can’t take it without a condom-ent.”

  166. robbie carter | March 18, 2008 at 6:15 pm |

    “ummm…perhaps i should have ordered the sasuage…”

  167. It’s like magic – I can see the wiener in front of me but I can still feel it behind me.

  168. robbie carter | March 18, 2008 at 6:13 pm |

    “humm…perhaps i should have ordered the sasuage..”

  169. “Hello Hotdog.
    You need mustard. Don’t you know that? Why don’t you know that!?”
    -Julie Klausner

  170. These buns like it raw!

  171. purplefusions | March 18, 2008 at 5:58 pm |

    I’m sat here with my striped leg warmers…a hot dog in my hand…a guy behind me with cruel intentions in mind…hang on though…I’m straight!!

  172. lube up back there a bit more and then i can put this thing in my mouth!

  173. So many wienies, so little time.

  174. this young lad is hearing that his shirtless mate fucked his sister yesterday and now wants that hotdog at any cost.

  175. “after giving so many blow jobs… you think eating one hot dog wouldnt be such a big deal”

  176. My bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R
    My bologna has a second name, it’s M-A-Y-E-R
    Oh, I love to eat it every day, and if you ask me why, I’ll say,
    “‘I’m gay, I’m gay, I’m gay, no way”

  177. THAT’S not mustard!

  178. the guy in front is thinking god why isnt my sausage lthis big, and the guy behind is laughing because the other one is a bottom.

  179. yeah thats right once you finish with that hot dog ill have another one for you.

  180. “Maybe next time I should be more specific when I put ‘Bring your own weiners!’ on my picnic invitations…”

  181. “Um, WTF? I said eat MY hotdog!”

  182. “Finally something I’m allowed to bite.”

  183. Where’s my shirt, and why am I so turned on by this guy with the hot dog? He makes me tingly…

  184. Yeah mate my willie looks just like this weiner!

  185. jarlington | March 18, 2008 at 4:48 pm |

    “Hurry up with the mayo so I can eat this thing”!

  186. “i said i just wanted THIS no footlongs!!”

  187. “I can feel something behind me… scrumptious than this hotdog for sure..”

  188. I wish yours was as big as this.

  189. gandacious | March 18, 2008 at 4:27 pm |

    ….. i thought this is big!!!!!
    but urs are bigger only no buns! SIGH!

  190. “So wait…what am I supposed to do with this?!”

  191. Jerry is terrified just thinking about what Frank had put on his hot dog.

  192. No, wait a minute. It’s vertical. It goes in vertically. I’m almost sure.

  193. “So wait…what am I supposed to do with this?!”

  194. “So wait…what am I supposed to do with this?!”

  195. On Break from the Filming of Horton Hears a Who, Horton says “A weiner on a bun, a weiner for my Bum”

  196. On Break from the Filming of Horton Hears a Who, Horton says “A weiner on a bun, a weiner for my Bum”

  197. Foreground: “I think the hot dog is smaller!”
    Background: “And it would smell better.”

  198. kkkdddkkk9 | March 18, 2008 at 4:13 pm |

    one dog just isn’t enough.

  199. What do you mean you can use ketchup for lube?

  200. Just pretend it’s on a bun and tastes like chicken.

  201. When you said you were going to put a hot dog in my bun, I thought you mean something else! This is bogus!

  202. I thought the initiation process was going to be easier than this!

  203. ugh, I don’t think I can eat another wiener…I’ve already had 2 huge ones.

  204. This isn’t exactly what I meant by double penetration.

  205. always remember the condoments!

  206. i asked fora foot long and this is all i got…

  207. Okay Jimmy, before I do this… This is what it looks like.

  208. omg I love these. What? Oh yea… totally straight.

  209. “Dude, *ouch* I told you no mustard. It burns!”

  210. When I said “your wiener, my bun” I didn’t think you’d take it literally.

  211. what had happened was they didnt belive i could fit 7 cocks in at once so i put this in side ways and now there all staring at me..wheres ceiling cat when u need him

  212. you want cheese on that?

  213. what had happened was

  214. “If it doesn’t take two hands to hold it…it’s not going in my mouth!”

  215. “If it doesn’t take two hands to hold it…it’s not going in my mouth!”

  216. Damn his sausage looks tasty…

  217. Mystery meat at both ends is always a little scary.

  218. Hmmm…. so should I choose the wiener or the wiener…?

  219. “yummy, now both of my holes will be filled!”

  220. threesome? 😉

  221. Hey! I’m a top!

  222. Timothy Mack | March 18, 2008 at 2:58 pm |

    I told you it was too big for your buns,but you insisted i stick it in.

  223. Weiner in the back, weiner in the front

  224. john martin | March 18, 2008 at 2:57 pm |

    Can I have some mayo with this?

  225. The only way to have a second serving of wiener before you’ve finished the first!

  226. that’s not what I meant when I said I would gladly hold your sausage!!!

  227. Are you sure that white sauce will taste good on this?.

  228. “But I said I wanted it ON a bun, not in!!”

  229. “Um, when I said I wanted you to eat my weiner, this wasn’t what I was thinking”

  230. “i said put it in a bun, not my bum”

  231. “But I said I wanted it ON a bun, not in!!”

  232. “Hmm… well, he’s got the bent-over position right, now we just gotta teach him the right way to put a weiner in his mouth!”

  233. Ohhh myyyy goddd… this hot dog looks good!

  234. OMG, this hurts!

  235. Unsuspecting man… suspects nothing.

  236. OMG, this hurts!

  237. wiener, getting it one way or another!

  238. They gave a hotdog and told it would all be over soon… I’m not sure if making the team is worth this!

  239. Oh, a little to the left, nope, right, nope back to left again, oh there it is!

  240. It no longer smells like a hot dog.

  241. ‘Why does Joe always make that face when he puts his finger in my butt?’

  242. So then I switched his harmonica with a bratwurst. And he totally bought it. Just picked it up and started to play. The best part is that I smothered it in sauerkraut… which he hates.

  243. The guy behind, “If he finds it hard to even lick it, I guess he should try mine.”

  244. Why is he so pissed? All he said was he just wanted his HOT DOG in my BUN…

  245. After a hard match, all our lads savor a nice hot, uncut wiener.

  246. guy in front: dude, what are you doing back there? i’m trying to eat my hot dog!
    guy in back: eat it?! ohhhh, is THAT what i was supposed to do with it??

  247. thomas rokos | March 18, 2008 at 2:08 pm |

    Downing this is nothing, compared to that big hotdog I had to take from the guy behind me last night. Practice makes perfect!

  248. Paul struggled manfully with the ‘Hot Doggie’ position before realising that Brad still had his shorts on.

  249. He doesn’t know what “extra” condiment I added to his hot dog

  250. ‘Wait…if I’m holding my hotdog, what the hell am I sitting on?’

  251. Duuh! It’s whoever smelt it delt it dude!

  252. If you want that other hotdog your going to have to get it out yourself

  253. “Trust me, just use the relish! It will only burn for a minute.”

  254. “If this is lube on my hot dog, then where did I put that relish?”

  255. “Oh shit! I think we got the lube and the relish bottles mixed up!”

  256. Jake realised he had mucked up when Matt said he hadn’t asked for that kind of sausage…

  257. Just as his brother got the rest of his foot up his ass, Adam realized that they’d never be as big as Jackass and their ‘Foot Long Hot Dog’ stunt was all for naught.

  258. “oooh wait, hang on, my eyebrows are starting to burn”!

  259. “Hurry up with the mayo, so I can eat”.

  260. “I’d rather eat one of my mates.”

  261. “wait! my eyebrows are starting to burn!”

  262. Even in his youth, a white supremacist Ronald McDonald enjoyed a taste for fast food.

  263. Dude, I already told you: I was born without a gag reflex! I didn’t “practice”! It’s not a learned trait! So quit sending me these damn hot dogs! Freak.

  264. Drew Wollin | March 18, 2008 at 1:07 pm |

    When Caleb told Brent that his hot dog was too big for his bun, Brent never realized truly what he meant until he felt Caleb behind him with the condiments. Turns out he was preparing to get much more than a mouth full of a Kosher beef frank.

  265. Forget the corned beef!!
    I want some of your hot dog instead!

  266. He said it was only going to be “this” big!

  267. Jonnie Wells | March 18, 2008 at 1:02 pm |

    he said he wanted it from both ends…

  268. Okay, but now I want the real sausage!

  269. The team told Eric he would be swallowing a lot of hot dogs.
    Little did he know…

  270. Lunch time at the 2008 Special Olympics soccer competition.

  271. Andrew Klaus | March 18, 2008 at 12:45 pm |

    Eric tried to show Bob what he meant when sometimes “the frank is too big for the buns”.

  272. chris skinner | March 18, 2008 at 12:39 pm |

    While Steve struggled and struggled, Jay was pleased that he’d worked so hard to get such a tight bun.

  273. “Oh, No you DIDNT!”
    (That would have been easier if you could hear the voice i was doing :P)

  274. Guy in front: Do you think I’ll look gay if I eat it sideways?

  275. Guy in front: And here I always thought that eating hotdogs made me look gay…

  276. Is that a kosher wiener?

  277. temptation day. (only thing i could think of)

  278. Nothing hits the spot like 2 big hot dogs during the soccer game.

  279. “This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when you asked if I wanted two hotdogs!”
    “I LOVE me some weiner!!”

  280. This hot dog would taste so much better with ketchup… too bad the bottle is up my ass right now.

  281. Just bite down on the weiner and you won’t feel a thing,

  282. I bet everyone will have something about the weener in the buns. So here’s mine:
    “OMG: Gayest socks ever!”

  283. “OW. You put the mustard on the wrong buns fucker.”

  284. ok i gotta make this convincing that i haven’t practiced on a hot dog before

  285. Kevifabulous | March 18, 2008 at 11:51 am |

    And at that moment, Shawn finally understood why all the boys laughed when he was told he’d have to have two weiners to get initiated into the team.

  286. When I said I wanted a wiener in my bun, that’s not what I meant.

  287. peter sofronas | March 18, 2008 at 11:51 am |

    How about, “Um, that doesn’t feel like a foot long.”

  288. dude, you want me to put this where?!

  289. Johnny shouldn’t look so surprised he did say he wanted extra mayonaise.

  290. “How many more of these F-ing wieners are you going to make me eat?”

  291. only straight lad enjoy wenier(s) with a shirtless guy behind

  292. “Is this hot dog kosher?”
    “no, but mine is…”

  293. Brandon Whited | March 18, 2008 at 11:38 am |

    do i have to put this weiner in my mouth!?

  294. …No, no, I just don’t get it. I’m holding the wiener, but I’m NOT supposed to use my teeth?

  295. The shirtless young buck in the back is thinking “Aw, Shucks! He took my wiener!”

  296. “Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener
    That is what I truly want to be
    ‘Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener
    Everyone would be in love with me.”

  297. nick’s first dissapointment when going to the metric system: “foot long” didn’t have the same meaning it once did. he was still hungry and complaining for more. his girlfriend took this photo and posted it by their bed to remind him how dissapointed she is every night with how inaccurate his conversions were all along.

  298. “I got the BEEF, if you got the BUNS for this sausage fest!”

  299. Wrong Wiener…Right Hole…

  300. “Gary waited patiently as shirtless Paul gently retrieved the mustard bottle.”

  301. To the guy behind him, “Oh, damn, you musta got the foot long!”

  302. “Can’t I finish this hot dog, before we get it on.”

  303. OMG…I’m having wieners at both ends, YUMM!

  304. Bryn Richards | March 18, 2008 at 10:49 am |

    I told you I’d eat your dick if you ever cheated on me!

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