!! OMG, a high school musical: Rent !!

High school students at a school in Corona del Mar will be performing the musical Rent starting in April after the principal canceled the show because of the gay content. The principal instead chose to run the play You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown which is totally gay for entirely different reasons.
Anyway, after a Facebook group, a spat between a teacher and the principal, and lots of publicity the kids will be performing Rent after all. I hope they’re not doing the Team America version of the play.
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2 Comments on "OMG, a high school musical: Rent"

  1. Here in Cincinnati, Walnut Hills High School did Rent in it’s entirety unedited.
    They did a phenomenal job.
    Apparently Anthony Rapp came in to help them a few times to consult or something like that.
    He was there at one of the performances I know.

  2. God I love California! I directed a high school production of Grease back in South Carolina and it had to be edited “for content”… I mean, really…

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