!! OMG, a most fabulous lunch of all lunches: RuPaul and Cathy Horyn !!

The New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn took RuPaul to lunch. Or, in other words, two of the planet’s most fabulous people dined on a burger with no bun (for Ru) and salmon on toast (for Cathy). In the article, Ru had this to say of the most recent Drag Race winner, Raja: “First of all, if you can make it through the challenges, then you’re the last man standing,” Mr. Charles explained. “Also, she consistently had a Google Earth view of the world — it wasn’t just regional drag. She has a background in fashion and illustration. We had an ‘I Love America’ challenge and she came out in a Native American outfit — brilliant. The other girls did the obvious. Raja is very smart,” he continued. “She understands what this is. The week that she won, she had a song on iTunes. Right now she’s on the Absolut tour. She’s branded herself. She will sell things. That’s what we do here. We sell and endorse products. The main thing she will have to do is stay interested, because unless you know how to regulate and have a balance, it’s meaningless.”

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3 Comments on "OMG, a most fabulous lunch of all lunches: RuPaul and Cathy Horyn"

  1. Gosh, when did Ru go white? He looks a bit like Donna from “That 70’s Show.”

  2. Plus you have to know RuPaul personally. That always helps in winning. Raja who?

  3. Manilla posted on her facebook “Apparently us other girls did the obvious”
    She was none too pleased!

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