!! OMG, a one-man Disney movie: Nick Pitera !!

Does this count as multiple personality disorder? Even so, Nick Pitera is — as we told you two whole years ago — an AMAZING singer and performer. And millions of YouTube viewers agree with us (unless all those views are from his personalities…).

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5 Comments on "OMG, a one-man Disney movie: Nick Pitera"

  1. @Chris Looks like you’re jealous at his amazing vocal skills. Seeing as even songwriting and singers are impressed, I doubt he is mediocre

  2. Really Chris… You need to chill out… Let this dude, do his thang… It’s pretty awesome, in my opinion

  3. ^don’t be such a hater. He is adorable.

  4. AMAZING? hardly. Mediocre at best. His voice is obnoxious, and this isn’t that impressive.

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