!! OMG, A possible first look at newly leaked ‘STAR WARS EPISODE VII’ footage !!

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New footage some claim contains our first look at Luke Skywalker‘s home on Skellig Michael Island has leaked. The images were posted and then quickly taken down, leading many to believe (along with the Disney watermark) that it has good reason to be legit!

We see the hooded Jedi traversing the unique and very rocky landscape to enter a cave, which is called Luke’s Refuge in the possibly leaked footage.
If this is indeed Mark Hamill, we never actually see his face as he remains hooded throughout the duration of the footage. It’s also possible that this is test footage, or teaser trailer footage shot not using the actor. TechnoBuffalo, who first discovered the video reports that “It is shot on a cell phone looking at a computer screen, so the clarity is not the best. From the lighting and quickness of the images, this feels more like test footage than final shots for the film.”

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