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Hard Ton is a larger-than-life disco duo made up of singer Max (above) and DJ Wawashi. Based in Italy, the pair will perform on Canadian soil for the first time this Saturday at legendary party Hotnuts (HI-NRG DOLLphins) where guests are guaranteed a “multisensorial” experience and will certainly hear the new plus-sized singles “Food of Love” and “Work Your Body” among others.

We’ve invited back our two drag muses and the proprietresses of Hotnuts Produzentin and Mary Messhausen (below) to conduct a quick Q&A with singer Max where they explore the aesthetic world of Hard Ton and pull out some tidbits of what we can expect this weekend.

After the jump, find the full Q&A plus Hard Ton’s most recent music videos and ticket information for this Saturday!

Mary & Proddy: How did the duo Hard Ton come together?
Max: We met through a chat line and we immediately found ourselves sharing our passion for music, even though we were coming from different backgrounds: I’m a heavy metal singer with a huge love for disco, Wawashi is a DJ into Chicago house and electronic music in general.

How do you collaborate on the beats, music and lyrics?
Wawashi comes up with few beats and a basic arrangement. Then I try some vocals and if we both like the result, we finish the track.

Who comes up with the outfit ideas?
Every costume has its own name and its story. We have “the salami,” “candy,” “trash” etc. The inspiration can come from a fashion magazine, or an exhibition. Or a nightmare.

Who do you work with for your stunning stage and music video outfits?
We’ve got close friends who we really enjoy to work with. Let’s say “our staff.” Like Gaia, my lovely and talented make up artist. You can see her in the video of “Food Of Love.”

One signature picture of Max is the “Dis Grace Jones” photo. Tell us the story behind re-creating the iconic Grace Jones photo / album cover by Jean Paul Goude.
Well, Grace is an absolute pop icon. And that picture is also so iconic. And a perfect way to play around with my size and a very specific pop imaginary.


What can we expect for your first Canadian show?
A multisensorial experience. You can watch me, you can listen to me, you can touch me, you can even bite me if you are brave enough.

As our theme is Hotnuts HI-NRG DOLLphins set in an underwater multiverse – if you were an underwater creature, what would you be?
A whale, of course.

Your latest music videos are “Food of Love” and “Work That Body.” Is there an album in the making? What is next for Hard Ton?
We are currently working on a remix for S’Express (yes, THAT S’Express!). And we just produced some tracks for disco legend Paul Parker. And of course working on new tracks.

Hard Ton is performing this Saturday in Toronto at Hotnuts HI-NRG DOLLphins. Advance tickets are recommended. View more information on the Facebook event page.


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