!! OMG, A very Kartrashian Khristmess !!

kardashian christmas.jpg
OMG, A very Kartrashian Khristmess, I’m not sure this is 2012s but youcan see this years here >> [dlisted]
Obama gets “Person of the Year” in TIME [towleroad]
Zac Posen kicks Kors off the Runway: Judge Swap [queerty]
I Know you are but what am I: Drew calls Kristen “Wacky and incestuous” [celebitchy]
UnBielievable: Jessica Biel for ELLE [ohlala]
CelebrityCafe’s Top 10 Yuletide whatnot-things-and-such-the-like [celebcafe]
You Hurd it Hurr: Röyksopp ‘Running To the Sea’ [arjan]
Manila performs Toni Braxton at Sahara’s Memorial Show :'( [popbytes]
What a flaming diva! Some fella set fire to Denny’s Christmas tree. [jezebel]
Thamys ‘Party @ Ur House’. I think imma give this party a miss actually, I’m -erm- ironing my curtains tonight. [socialitelife]
Kitty in a Box [kenneth]
Will & Kate with tacky Christmas Crowns on ’em [evilbeet]
LogoTV “Make the Yuletide Gay” [afterelton]
OMG, he’s behind the beige curtain: coming out with George Takei [joemygod]
Channing Tatum is Pregers [tabloidprodigy]
Vogue Doubt: Gwen for VogueUK [blemish]
Beat your face with it: gross stuff in makeup [doubleviking]

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