!! OMG, ain’t nobody got time for cat: ‘Paws for Effect’ by Thomas Lagrange. !!

Man magazine ‘Man About Town’ will try their super best to convince you that this editorial has something to do with wrist watches or some silly nonsense, but we here at omgblog are smarter than that and we see that’s it’s a little bit about this ripped flawless model but mainly just about this smushy faced orange cat blob, which you can see more of AFTER THE JUMP.
Who even cares about what time it is, with this pan-faced meowser around the only times that are important are feeding time, sleepy time, treats time, time to clean the kitty litter and “ain’t nobody got time for cat” time.
It’s meow o’clock, on the hour, every hour

[via homotography]

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