!! OMG, all you need to know about Lukas Ridgeston !!

Porn star Lukas Ridgeston apparently races Mini Coopers as a hobby. Whaaaaaaaa?
Also, his birth-name is as much of a mouthful as his weiner – Juraj Vrzgula.
And since we’re talking about a porn star, I can’t leave you without some NSFW pictures of Lukas after the jump.
More HERE.
Thanks to Mark for the tip.

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8 Comments on "OMG, all you need to know about Lukas Ridgeston"

  1. he is so so hot…… hes been an object of my desire lol….. Hot as hell…. id so let him do anythin to me….

  2. He’s the sweetest most grounded pornstar I’ve ever seen. What a great guy. I’ve always thought he was one of the most beautiful men I’d ever seen. He can still be found bouncing around NYC, still making appearances at clubs to help raise money for necessary causes. A great, great guy! Even though he has matured in his looks, I’d still hit it!

  3. Ohh ! never seen him in anything!!
    and niles – its someone you could easily find out from just typing his name in google. get a life

  4. My all-time favorite porn STAR. And he truly is a star.

  5. It’s not nice to publish porn stars’ real names. Let them have a little privacy.

  6. goddamn look how gorgeous he still is … the gray hair works!

  7. I’m surprised that fits in a mini-cooper.

  8. I think the bigger surprise is that they race Mini Coopers!

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