!! OMG, American Idol faceoff: ‘You’re All I Need’ !!

This season’s front-runner Jacob Lusk VS. season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson singing the Motown classic You’re All I Need: Who sang it better, hmmm? *Or maybe a better question is, who still watches American Idol?

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12 Comments on "OMG, American Idol faceoff: ‘You’re All I Need’"

  1. uhm…Kelly f’in Clarkson for the win! The girl can SANG! no question

  2. MERLYHAGGARD | March 29, 2011 at 5:40 am | Reply

    Kelly is just super lovable but Jacob I think that Jacob sang this better!

  3. I just do not understand why he is still in the competition. His performances are truly laughable and I just can’t take him seriously at all. He has absolutely no control over his voice and tries way too hard. Idol just isn’t going to be nearly as good without Simon. The judges just have no idea what’s going on or they’re far too nice. Its like watching a horror movie, no matter how much you scream at the TV the dumb bitch still runs upstairs and the judges still say they loved everything.

  4. Jacob Lusk is lucky to stay in tune for 8 measures of the song. Jacob should be performing as a pre anorexic Jennifer Hudson at a shitty drag club…not on american idol. Kelly could have puked in the middle of the song and still have done it better than that hack lusk.

  5. Jacob is great, but I prefer Kelly’s. Such a dynamic voice and performer. And she did it all with laryngitis.

  6. Sorry…. Kelly handsdown! She is so effortless, and Jacob is just trying to damn hard. He’s either trying to hard to reign himself in, or trying to hard to blow the roof off. Sure, he has a strong voice, but he does not have ANY control over it.
    And wow… Paula did make sense at one point.

  7. Jacob is not the front runner and will not win…..we’ve already had one gay black idol …..wont happen again

  8. kelly clarkson is a better woman, and a better singer.

  9. Kelly will always be the best — Jacob will end up forming a gay boy band with Clay Aiken and David Archuleta

  10. Jacob is brilliant. The most gifted singer on American Idol in 10 Seasons.

  11. and who said Jacobs the “front runner”.

  12. Well., according to the ratings, everybody is watching American Idol!

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