!! OMG, and America’s Next Drag Superstar is… !!

Last night was the season finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 and we were happy with the results. Were you?
Celebrate the winner with us after the jump (spoiler alert)!

That’s right, just like everyone knew she would, Raja was crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar. You gone done made Tyra proud, girl.

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14 Comments on "OMG, and America’s Next Drag Superstar is…"

  1. manila luzon has the complete package, voice and stylings et al…she should have won. headline should be manila got robbed lol.

  2. i dont know why u guys are complainin.. if u didnt want to know just yet.. dont fkin click the link to come and see..

  3. This spoiler has been making the rounds for about a month, everyone needs to calm down.

  4. To everyone who saw the winner of Drag Race before they were ready thanks to our ill-advised posting on the main index, I sincerely apologize. I myself have been annoyed by this very thing happening in much larger publications than our humble blog so I can relate to your pain.
    The post has been changed now and it won’t happen in future.

  5. Not all of us are around to see the original show. I was waiting for my lunch break to watch this on Logo.com and routing for Alexis and you spoiled it!!!!

  6. Wow, way to post the spoiler, cause you know, everyone is sitting around with logo on a lifeline.

  7. Where is the spoiler alert?! I was seriously hoping manilla would win.

  8. Who was the first runner up? Manila or Alexis? God, I hope it was Manila. That Alexis is epic-ugly!

  9. I know that your blog is light on content and that you are behind the cool curve and only pick things up weeks late and mainly rely on a good URL and a bunch of music videos… And frankly I only still read for the occasional naked male celebrity, but it’s really lame and tacky and infuriating to spoil the ending of a show that many have to watch online because it is not carried in some areas and many of us don’t have cable.

  10. Fucker! I had planned on watching it tonight. You really need to work on keeping big reveals like that after the jump.

  11. OMG! heard of a spoiler alert? deleted bookmark.

  12. Damn you! Couldn’t you have presented this info in a way that didn’t spoil the ending; some of us have not seen this episode yet!!

  13. Jeez,
    Thanks for the spoiler alert. I hadn’t watched it yet.

  14. Thanks for that…

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