!! OMG, and the winner is…:not Anne Hathaway [wrong category] !!

It’s that time of year again. When all the years best film performances are celebrated, and actors and actresses dreams come true [or not]…it’s time for the Oscars Porn Awards.
We all know that Anne Hathaway expects she’ll win for her performance in the film adaptation of ‘LESbian Misérable’ [in English, ‘The Miserable Lesbian’] but it’s the 40th Porn Awards, so the only category she’s nominated in is ‘Best Car Crotch’.
Amongst those nominated for Best Up The Butt Actress are Sigourney Weaver, Meryl Streep, Bea Arthur…and Jiz…of course [who’s Björk Medley at 4.10 alone should have stolen the golden dildo]
SPOILER ALERT: Bea Arthur wins Best Up The Butt Actress for her glowing performance in The Golden Shower Girls, and should probably win next year in the category ‘Best Up The Butt Actress Acceptance Speech’:

“You think you bitches are better than me?
Sigourney Beaver, Meryl Creep?”

To celebrate Bea’s win, continuing the sopping yellow theme, click below to see Jiz’s performance earlier this year to promote TENA Bladder Dysfunction Mop-pads.

Let’s have a pee pee,
I’m gonna drain
and squirt
and burn,
smell something funny?”

[Thanks Kevin!]

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