!! OMG, Ann Coulter’s ‘The View’ interview turns into a Barbara-Whoopi beatdown !!

Ann Coulter is like a 15-car pileup on a rainy day at rush hour…

…so horrific, you can’t possibly look away.

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8 Comments on "OMG, Ann Coulter’s ‘The View’ interview turns into a Barbara-Whoopi beatdown"

  1. I watched it. Yuck.
    I wished I could have heard Coulter’s arguments but those hens just squawked anytime they started to hear something they didn’t like. Part of being an informed person is admitting when your side does something wrong and the three democratic broads up there reflexively refused to listen to anything. Ugh. I feel sick.

  2. the b is crazy but she has beautiful hair and awesome tits.

  3. Ann ‘Frosty Box” Coutler stirs up s#it…thats just what she does. The fact that she makes a damn good living off of people who take the bait says more about our society than her stupidity.

  4. The best part is when that nutcase Elizabeth tells the audience they’re all getting a copy of Coulter’s book, no one cheers like they usually do for the free stuff. I wonder how many ended up in the trash cans on the way out.

  5. If those women ( the view) would shut up and listen they might learn something!!! I think Ann was trying to make some valid points but Whoopie , Joy and the other black girl could stop screaming racism. Which by the way the word racism has lost its true meaning because it is used for EVERYTHING!

  6. Love Ann Coulter! She stands up against the racist Whoopi. Love how Ann speaks for the poor and disenfranchised. Go Ann!

  7. that bitch is a total train wreck, n she proves it everytime she opens her mouth n writes another “book”

  8. Ann is one of the most vile people on the planet.

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