!! OMG, back and better than ever: Anderson Cooper & Co. !!

Good news for Anderson Cooper and his other-man-kisser — they’re back in NYC, together [kenneth]
Community‘s Alison Brie: Rap superstar [jezebel]
When you’re name is Stuart Reardon, you better have a rear worth looking at… [oh la la]
OMG, watch the newly released American Horror Story trailers set, wait for it, in an asylum [popbytes]
See Nicole Kidman like you’ve never seen her before (unless, maybe, you saw “Eyes Wide Shut”) [dlisted]
Shocking: Kim Kardashian had a threesome [evil beet]
Oh Lindsay Lohan and her sticky fingers… [socialite life]
How did celebrities react to Monday’s news of Phyllis Diller‘s passing? Read all the tweets [celebrity cafe]
…Meanwhile, One Direction’s Zayn Malik has given up on Twitter entirely [tabloid prodigy]
Avril Lavigne is engaged to someone that isn’t Brody Jenner [amy grindhouse]
This had to be a difficult list to compile: The nine hottest men of the summer [after elton]
OMG, when dirty pickup lines meet the cheesy ones [double viking]
Be sure to check out the ARTIST TALK on Sept. 14 with Ellie Goulding [arjan]
Justin Bieber’s fame is inescapable — he’s set to appear on The Simpsons [allie]
…And speaking of the unfortunately famed, Taylor Swift might bring her high school boyfriend to the VMAs [celebitchy]
If you live in Florida, apparently it’s time to move [joe]
In case you were wondering: Selena Gomez through the years [berry]
More old people on why marriage matters [towleroad]

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