!! OMG, back into her bod: Britney Spears is looking gooood !!

OMG, Britney Spears found her bikini body… and lost her eyebrows [evil beet]
You might need a safe word for reading trashy romance novels from now on [jezebel]
All babies are miracles, right Kris Humphries? [dlisted]
Oh yeah, Joe Mauer is a catcher all right… [kenneth]
Guess and Gucci have settled their differences [glamourmio]
Nothing goes together quite like an athlete’s body and a spandex singlet [oh la la]
Next up in Tina Fey‘s career: Rap star [popbytes]
OMG, there’s a third little Matthew McConaughey inside Camila Alves [allie]
Um, duh Katie Holmes feels “sexier” now — she isn’t living with Tom Cruise anymore [socialite life]
“Top 10 Sex Scenes” pretty much says it all [celebrity cafe]
No patriotic celebration in this country is complete without a bit of Miley Cyrus… y’all [amy grindhouse]
OMG, who would rob Ri-Ri?! [tabloid prodigy]
It’s official: Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe” is the song of the summer [after elton]
Gummy bears need a commercial? Pretty sure people already know about them… [double viking]
OMG, Swedish pop star Andreas Moe is basically older, hotter Justin Bieber [arjan]
Goopy or loopy? Gwyneth Paltrow thinks people want her $200 jeans and $90 t-shirts [celebitchy]
Eat this 100% bacon burger if you dare [joe]
Thank god it’s (shirtless) Friday [berry]
OMG, everything you need to know about what different drugs do to your body (have a safe weekend!) [towleroad]

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