!! OMG, battle of the Audreys: Tina Fey vs. Anne Hathaway !!

Who does a better Audrey Hepburn as her “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” character, Holly Golightly — Tina Fey for Entertainment Weekly or Anne Hathaway for Vogue? (Or is Anne supposed to be Hepburn’s Eliza Doolittle headed off to the embassy ball? Hmm.) Obviously, the two magazines had different approaches in mind when emulating Hepburn’s iconic role, but what works best? The comedy or the glamour? Newsstand sales might make that decision for you as readers pick up this week’s EW for the scoop on Fey’s final goodbye to 30 Rock.

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6 Comments on "OMG, battle of the Audreys: Tina Fey vs. Anne Hathaway"

  1. Anne Hathaway far and away! She’s truly beautiful… especially styled as Holly Golightly.
    Tina’s looks like a Halloween costume.

  2. No BosGuy, you’re absolutely right!

  3. I love Tina, but Anne wins the category for the glamor and elegance. She would perhaps be a better Eliza Doolittle than a Holly Golightly, but I still feel she edges out Tina for overall fit.

  4. O-M-G Tina Fey looks like an aging Drag Queen with really bad Make-Up :(—
    Anne Hathaway by far is the Winner!
    She is definitely the better Audrey!!!!

  5. Tina gets an A for Admirable Job, but the award has to go to Anne – she really is just stunning.

  6. OMG – I love both these women. I get the feeling Tina would be able to channel the quirky personality of Hepburn better but Anne would have that dazzling star power associated with Audrey.
    Is it lame that I can’t decide? I love them both.

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