!! OMG, bauring it all: Ben Baur in ‘Hunting Season’ !!

Ben Baur played Alex in Logo TV’s 2012 web series ‘Hunting Season’ where in webisode 1 he snags a bulge on the underground in the form of Ben Andrews. Said bulge joins Alex in couch romp where said bulge them becomes said bigger bulge and all sorts of bulge-centric activities ensue.
You can see caps of the bulge-fest after the jump, and read Baur’s piece he wrote for The Huffington Post entitled ‘Being an Out Gay Actor’ HERE.

Click on the caps for a bulgier view:
Ben Baur 00.jpg
Ben Andrews 00.jpg
Hunting 01.jpg
Hunting 02.jpg
Hunting 03.jpg
Hunting 04.jpg
Hunting 05.jpg
Hunting 06.jpg
Hunting 07.jpg
Hunting 08.jpg
Hunting 09.jpg
Hunting 10.jpg
Hunting 11.jpg
Hunting 12.jpg
Hunting 13.jpg
Hunting 14.jpg
Hunting 15.jpg
Hunting 16.jpg
Hunting 17.jpg
Hunting 18.jpg
Hunting 19.jpg
Hunting 20.jpg
Hunting 21.jpg
Hunting 22.jpg
Hunting 23.jpg
Hunting 24.jpg
Hunting 25.jpg
Hunting 26.jpg
Hunting 27.jpg
Hunting 28.jpg
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5 Comments on "OMG, bauring it all: Ben Baur in ‘Hunting Season’"

  1. I’m confused. I thought Ben was a top. :-))

  2. deedle_Dumpling | June 16, 2013 at 5:46 am | Reply

    Whoa! Dude was getting a bit fluffy there! I’d have been able to cut diamonds if I had been kissing that cutie!

  3. That’s a nice fatling.

  4. Sayyy whaaaatttt, I didnt know logo showed dick.

  5. I want the(complete and uncensored)dvd!!!

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