!! OMG ba-zing: Diablo Cody impersonation !!

Okay before you feel to bad for her after that apt cut-down, remember that she just won an Oscar for the first screenplay she ever wrote, and it only took her two months to write it. So if this is the worst thing that happens to her, it’s not so bad.
Now if I hear the word “homeslice” one more time I might shoot myself.

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4 Comments on "OMG ba-zing: Diablo Cody impersonation"

  1. This site could be really great, but you guys just don’t do enough work on it. The stuff you have is good enough to keep me coming back, but you don’t post hardly enough. You could be another Perez Hilton, just not as rude and crude…I have no doubt, but with the seldom postings, no one is going to stick around. I’m so tired of seeing this post that every time I come to your site I cringe!
    Step it up a bit, guys! OR…instead of having one person posting at a time, like when Frank is on vacation, how about having two or three good people posting at the SAME time?! There’s no need to have just one…

  2. Surprisingly less funny than I was expecting!

  3. This is the same gal who plays Nina Hammer-Ortiz in the YouTube video “Welcome To Our House” which was posted here last year. (They’ve since made three WTOH sequels.)

  4. This made me laugh a lot more than the movie did.
    I started rolling my eyes around the scented condoms scene.

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