!! OMG this makes me way too happy !!

I know what I’m doing this weekend! Aside from desperately clawing at boys on the dance floor, coming home alone and drunk again, then eating an entire bag of ripple chips and sour-cream dip in bed while watching Blade Runner for the 600th time, I’ll be playing Virtual Nintendo online.
All you have to do is visit VIRTUAL NES, click on a letter of the alphabet at the top of the screen to find the game you want to play, then click on the game and you can play it right in your browser. There are hundreds and hundreds of the classic Nintendo titles – my favourite, Super Mario Brothers 2, is shown above. That game is so effed up and surreal. I always pick the princess…not cause it’s a girl! Cause bitch can fly!
I remember wanting a Nintendo so badly. My mom finally bought me one at a garage sale after Sega Genesis came out. I hate you mother. Kidding! Thanks for the loan!

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3 Comments on "OMG this makes me way too happy"

  1. Oh Graydon. We love you so.

  2. Forget NES, you should just watch old Paul Poundstone Comic Relief routines on YouTube.

  3. Oh em gee! I love Super Mario 2 and I would always be the Princess, too!!
    It’s amazing how many people hate that game…it makes me real sad sometimes…
    But thumbs up to you!

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