!! OMG, Beastie Boys contest winner! !!

Congratulations to Jason, the winner of yesterday’s Beastie Boys contest! He wins a double-LP and double-CD reissue of the remastered Ill Communication album. Thanks to everybody who entered. The Beastie Boys song on the Clueless soundtrack was “Mullet Head”.
Incidentally, The Oxford English Dictionary cites the article “Mulling Over the Mullet” from the Beastie Boys’ old magazine Grand Royal as the first printed use the term ‘mullet’ in reference to bad hair. So if it weren’t for the Beastie Boys, there might not be a MulletsGalore.com. And Kanye might not have tried to coin “The Bullet” (as in ‘black mullet’) earlier this year. Not so sure that one will have the same impact… he should write a song about it.
And so it goes… “#1 on the side and don’t touch the back/#6 on the top and don’t cut it wack Jack!”

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