!! OMG, Because He’s Fascinating: Stephin Merritt !!

Hey, someone finally got around to making a documentary about the most dyspeptic man in pop music, Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields. Cannot wait! Oh, also, The Magnetic Fields have a new album out! (My capsule review: just okay, but whatever)
Via The Awl

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2 Comments on "OMG, Because He’s Fascinating: Stephin Merritt"

  1. Agreed. Even though his range is limited–probably even more so now, with age–I just can’t get very excited about MF songs sung by people other than Merritt himself.

  2. I need to see this. I may not like their new album that much, but I’ve always sort of wondered what he was like as a person. And he should have sung Nun’s Litany on Distortion, instead of Shirley Simms. Makes it so much more interesting and more like early MF.

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