!! OMG, best-dressed twincest : Wild At Heart by Steven Klein !!

“Sisters, sisters There were never such devoted sisters”
If you are not familiar with photographer and film-maker Steven Klein’s illustrious fashion-filming career, he has worked with Calvin Klein and the late great Alexander McQueen and has shot for every major fashion rag worth flicking through.
You may know know Steven’s work if you caught Madonna on her Confessions or Sticky & Sweet tours, as he created many backdrop videos for her, and he’s the artist behind Gaga’s Fame perfume promo, and Riri’s Armani Jeans shoot.
Klein recently shot a feature for Interview, featuring Natasa Vojnovic and Judson Harmon as grown twin-siblings. There’s a cinematic Californian mother’s-inherited-wardrobe twincest feeling here…but when you have GENES THIS FIERCE, why not ‘keep it in the family’ so to speak.
Jump below to see the remainder of Klein’s twinteresting NSFW shoot.
Erm, did mommy dearest not tell her NOT to water the cacti…finish your cigarette and put the misting-hose down honey…go grab another martini and leave the gardening to the hired help, ok?!

Click on the shots to see them EDI-TORIAL size:

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