!! OMG, Björk clears sample for E-40’s new album !!


When Björk posted on her website that she’d cleared a sample — something she apparently never ever does — for a track on Oakland rapper E-40‘s new album Revenue Retrievin’: Night Shift, many fans believed it was an elaborate prank because the item appeared on April 1st. An insensitive assumption to say the least, because a) why would Björk turn one of hip-hop’s most innovative lyricists into the butt of a joke for the benefit of her nerdiest die-hard fans who buy every box set and religiously check her website even when she’s between albums? (A demographic that I admittedly once belonged to, but not anymore seeing as I’m a month late on this news.) And b) the song, which samples “Oceania” off her all-acapella Medulla record, is amazing.

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