!! OMG, Blair Believes in Love !!

Last night I had a dream that Sarah Jessica Parker had recorded a song about the power of female friendship. For some reason she was dancing around on a bus wearing a feather boa and giving high-fives to all the lady riders. In the dream I was really excited because I knew that OMG Readers would really like it. Yes, I’ve started dreaming about finding material for this blog.
Imagine my dismay when I realized upon waking that Carrie’s song had only been a pleasant dream. But the good news is Leighton Meister– otherwise known as Gossip Girl’s BLAIR— has released brand new single and it’s actually kind of not terrible, even featuring a rap from the great Robin Thicke.
I know, I know, Alan Thicke would have been the better Thicke– he IS musical after all– and Blair Warner would have been the better Blair but we’ll just have to take what we can get.
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