!! OMG, BLINK IN MINK: Alexis Penney’s ‘Your Eyes’ !!

Having been described as “a goth RuPaul” by NME, and with comparisons to Sade and PCP by Liza Thorn Alex [Blair] Penney knows how to handle a reference. His videos are often heavily referential and highly influenced.
Having just released his album Window he presents his video for opening track “Your Eyes”.
With introductory tubular bell chimes, a plethora of plaid and a distinctly out-of-drag lack of eyebrows Penney’s gender bending community hall square dance presents a whole slew of intriguing drag personas through the mid-made-up mirror [behind-the]-scene and instrumentally monologued flapping floor-filled finale.
Click below to see Alexis’ previous videos for “Wichita Lineman” [a Annie Lennox-esque wardrobe of open shirt and black matador flares] and a deliberately awkwardly new~wavey cheap lights curtain-backdropped studio video for a remounted version of “Lonely Sea”.

Wichita Lineman

Lonely Sea

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