!! OMG breaking: Robert Pattinson is the sexiest of 2009 !!

As if you didn’t see this one coming: People Magazine has selected Robert Pattinson as their Sexiest Man Alive for 2009, ahead of Taylor Lautner, the entire cast of True Blood, and even Andy Roddick! Congrats R-Pattz. The official announcement is coming on Wednesday. (via JJB)

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11 Comments on "OMG breaking: Robert Pattinson is the sexiest of 2009"

  1. Hell No! Johnny Depp is the sexiest man alive. This Cedric Diggory/ Edward Cullen freak does not even eat his dust. WTF?

  2. Johnny Depp doesn’t shower or wash his greasy hair either,so either way FAIL…yech….

  3. SEXIST MAN IS JOHNNY DEPP…. Do your homework!

  4. I think it will actually be Johnny Depp.

  5. Echhhhhh, really, when did gross and dirty become sexy?!? Yuck.

  6. WTF to People Mag. With the fore-head the size of a movie poster, hair that appears (and most likely is) unwashed since age 13, and reports of constantly bad underarm hygiene: Wow now that is sexy, but only if you are a 6 foot troll with a fear of soap & water.

  7. eww whoever picks these needs an eye exam! he is not even that good looking IMHO. he has weird creepy eyes and looks like a s e x offender. and please just shave. i’m surprised kristen doesn’t have a rash on her face. that perma stubble tends to be scratchy and painful. blech!

  8. What a skank-this creep just looks like he smells bad. I thought this was for sexiest ‘MAN’ alive and they give us this greasy kid.
    Thank you People magazine for proving just how irrelevant you really are.

  9. April Fool’s?? It’s a jokity joke?
    Jesus Christ, if they were going to be lazy, they should’ve just given it to George Clooney again. It’s like saying Harry Potter is the sexiest man alive.
    Did they factor in that the kid doesn’t shower or wash his greasy hair? It’s pretty bad when not showering is considered sexy.
    I demand a recount

  10. Nooooooooooooooo! What is it about him that people find so sexy? People Magazine got it wrong this year! Way wrong. He’s totally overrated!

  11. Robert (Twilight) is NOT sexy!!! So over that stupid film!!!

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