!! OMG, a real burger joint: Woman finds weed in her WENDY’S burger !!

Someone give 32-year-old Amy Seiber a Michelin Star or five, because she’s got the right idea. Now, I’ve been a fan of Wendy’s since I was a teenager — it’s one of my preferred grease buckets –but I’ve never been served with this kind of thought and consideration:

At about 10:30 p.m. that night, Lovejoy police Lt. Michael Gaddis said a woman ordered a Wendy’s single from the drive-through of the 11121 Tara Boulevard location.
“Upon arrival at home, she took her food out of the bag and noticed a strange odor in her hamburger,” Gaddis said. “When she opened it, she discovered a partially smoked marijuana cigarette.”
The woman took the burger and her receipt back to the restaurant and reported it to the manager and called police.
“They were able to speak with the suspect, who admitted that she was responsible,” Gaddis said. “She had been smoking while she worked. When she was fixing the burger, part of the marijuana fell into the burger.”

Jealousy is a useless emotion, so I’m just going to say this: Some people are ungrateful in life and this is a prime example! Amy is before her time, and these prudish bitches just can’t see the type of world class culinary love that she puts into her craft. Their loss!
[via tmz]

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