!! OMG classic: Brad Pitt naked !!

For some of us, the summer of 1997 will always be the summer of Brad Pitt‘s penis. His nude photos surfaced after a paparazzo captured the images of Brad and then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow running around nude at a vacation cottage.

UPDATE: Brad Pitt’s lawyer wrote and requested that these images be taken down. Sorry, folks!

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69 Comments on "OMG classic: Brad Pitt naked"

  1. He looks cute in that cowboy hat

  2. So hot! Brad Pitts body is perfect!

    From his head to his feet, the picture of male perfection. I wish all men came with bodies like that.

    Some people just have all the luck

  3. Damn he is fine! Totally perfect. I wish every guy looked like him!

    I could just lick him all over…

    Angelina is one lucky woman!

  4. Wow, lots of uncircumcised males have come out to insult his penis. Several have commented multiple times. Over several YEARS! Seriously?! Get a life! You think you can hold a candle to Brad Pitt!? Besides, uncut is bad hygiene and feminine looking. Everyone knows this. Uncut feels yuk to do the dirty with. Just un-masculine.

  5. So hot! Love the cut penis. Here in Europe most men are uncut. It grosses me out!

  6. All you US male are cut, maany have never seen an uncut one in showers or llockers, so whhy the fuss?

  7. Why is there a debate over uncircumcised penises vs circumcised penises. It is pointless because everyone has their preferences, some like them cut some like them uncut and some don’t give a f***. I for one prefer uncut as I think it looks better and is more natural than cut so my children will never be circumcised. And for all of you people that think it is unhygienic need to get laid by one because unless that person is a dirty person an uncut penis is every bit as hygienic as cut ones but without an ugly looking scar. All the girls I have been with have never had a problem with my uncut penis as they simply didn’t care one way or the other so I can only imagine that all the people on here posting as women talking shit about how a circumcised penis is better or a uncircumcised penis is better are clearly guys trying to talk up which ever side of the fence they fall on and it is pathetic. neither are better than the other only different.

  8. When I was in college years ago, I met Brad Pitt:wonderful loving friendship.We had sex many times, and he is AWESOME in bed.Unending pleasure for me an for him;he well knew how to do it! Cut or uncut is irrelevant to me, but his penis seemed beautiful to me; and WOW , he knows how to use it well!!!

  9. Wow, critical crowd! And what’s with the circumcision wars!? Brad is beautiful in these pictures! If he had a foreskin he’d still be beautiful. Is the presence or absence of a foreskin really such a deal breaker for you people?

  10. LOL at all the uncut men posting as women to try and sway the public. No success, as usual. Most girls still prefer cut, unfortunately for you. And smeg is soooo last season. Time to move on, because this is a new low.

  11. Why does the foreskin fan club insist on posting on every single Brad Pitt picture? We get it, you’ve got horrible, ugly, unhygienic penises and because of them have never gotten laid. So you spend your time insulting people who are better than you to make up for your sexual failure.
    Thats very sad. I feel bad for you. Brad Pitt, on the other hand, has an awesome penis made even better by a beautiful circumcision. Uncut creeps, take your phimosis and smegma and go pester someone else.

  12. He’s so good looking. It just wouldn’t be fair for him to have a big cock.

  13. I would not have sex with a guy like Brad with a scar so visible from a badly done circumcision!

  14. You may discuss endlessly about his being cut, and whether uncut is better.I can only say that when he and I were very Young I had hot sex with him more tan once:what is important is he knows very well how to use his peen.Wonderful foreplay and aonderful use of heis peen gave me endless orgasms:I really, REALLY enjoyed having sex with him.

  15. i detest foreskins their so disgusting they smell and wreak of smegma not surprising that most people here dont like good hygienic and are into those kind of things his penis is beautiful and you guys just arent

  16. his peen is sexy personally foreskins are fucking disgusting, they smell and have smegma i dont know why perverts like liking them so much disgusting arses

  17. Brad Pitt:well-formed body,but what ruins everything is that horribly circumcised peen with scars

  18. brad pitts dick is soooo small!! what are you all talking about!! His dick is tiny!!! Angelina would loose all credibility if she choose Brad’s dick size as a measure for her prowess. His dick is tiny!! Girls get over of it!!

  19. so hot n sexy pics of mr. pitt. but not reached expectations….

  20. Why do Americans mutilate their boys so atrociously? And why don’t at least their fathers prevent it?

  21. A typical US circumsized penis!

  22. Joe Scottoni | May 16, 2013 at 7:20 pm | Reply

    Wow, this is sexy. As a male from Chicago, I Joe Scotoni approve this sexy Brad!!!

  23. if only he had his foreskin! What a difference!Not only is he circumcised as all American males are, but his penis shows horrible circ. scar!

  24. why is every single comment about his penis?

  25. For his build (and what a build!!) his cock is a decent size. His bush is fantastic and the nipples are great, no?

  26. cut penis with surgeon scar very visible and saggy low-hanging testicles…Rest of the body OK. Botched circumcision!

  27. fucking penis, omg, in and out of my mouth

  28. That cut penis shows a horrible scar: very, very visible.You US ladies like cut penises but the scar in this one is horrid! A badly performed circumcision! Anyway I live in a country where all males are uncircumcised:much better!

  29. i want to suck brad cock……………….

  30. OMG.. this man has a perfect body. And his penis is just fine to me. He must know how to work it because the women he was with can’t stop talking about him.
    Angie you are a lucky woman. I would love to have Brad in my bed for a few hours. I find him just wonderful. And to me he has gotten better with age.

  31. Definitely get your point, Melissa (and the cut/uncut issue is a personal preference thing that I’ve heard a lot of different opinions on)
    I just think it’s funny how so many people (usually guys, I believe) who comment here make these snarky, absolute judgments about someone’s size based on a flaccid (or even semi-not flaccid) view. I don’t have the vastest sexual history, but I’ve seen enough to know that, while sometimes there is a predictable soft/hard size correlation, in many cases what starts out looking modestly pleasing can go through an Incredible Hulk-type transformation once the blood starts flowing in the right direction.

  32. As a woman I have no penis (response to booker), but I have seen many of many sizes, cut and uncut, and when having sex, I can know fastly if my partner knows how to use it well, despite the size, big or medium, and whether he is cut oruncut(though uncut ones feel much bettter inside me!

  33. Reading these comments about how big Mr. Pitt supposedly is or isn’t, based on pictures of him…shall we say, “relaxed”, it makes me wonder if anyone here has ever seen a penis other than his own, or even knows how one works.

  34. that penis is definitely not hard, the most it can be is semi-hard.And when hard, it wont ne much bigger!

  35. I bet he’s bigger when he’s hard…. or wait is that thing HARD???@@!

  36. in high school I had sex with Brad. Wow! He was sexual at that age as a the best guy can be.First partner to know about my clit, he drove me to endless orgasms and he is a grower!I will always remember that night!

  37. Brad Pitt is not hung. He has an average All-American cut penis with scars where his foreskin existed when he was born. His balls are good to see, those are ymmmie!

  38. Brad pit’s penis is beautiful! It looks great. I’m hung and I would love to have his penis instead of mine! It looks good and it’s proportional! I don’t see what the problem is. And why isn’t this guy having his own kids! I’m sure future consciousness would want to look like him!

  39. again,in the second photo, his balls are gorgeous, very sexual !

  40. in the second photo published you can clearly see the scar left by the surgeon when removing foreskin in circumcision! US males, Enjoy! US women, enjoy too, you’ll love the scar!

  41. many circumcized guys have wide heads because those were not constrained by foreskin (or so they say, proudly). In Brad’s case, the glans is almost the same width as the shaft,and penis is not big. Maybe lots of prowess in bed makes the difference.If he is a grower you cannot know unless you saw him erect! Typical commonplace US penis!

  42. Ya he has half the size of mine.

  43. exactly the same size and form of thousands o US cut penises seen in US communal showers and lockers in colleges and universities. Absolutely nothing special!!!He is a good actor: that is his asset, not his nudity!

  44. Rance Richardson | May 5, 2012 at 7:35 pm | Reply

    I dont know what is some of yall problem is but size really have a damn thing to do with love what’s the use of having something big and you dont know what the hell to do with it Brad Pitt is very sexy and have the body i like to play with all day (none stop action)

  45. Its possible he’s a grower and not a shower….ever thought about that ladies? flaccid penis doesn’t necessarily mean he has a small erect penis 😉

  46. medium-sized penis, cut as is to be expected from US males, low-hanging balls, nothing special!

  47. omy he has a non-satisfying dick. Poor angelina, i hope she has a small puss cuz if not she wont feel his small pecker..

  48. Brad u do it for me everytime baby. Ur gorgeous every delicious inch of you. X

  49. I just want to shave that thick brown bush off and knit me a warm sweater for the coming winter…. I hope it’s a cold one so I never have to take it off.

  50. Mrs Patrick Campbell | June 7, 2011 at 3:17 pm | Reply

    Homosexual Brad Pitt = tinymeat city!

  51. I can just feel his cock in my mouth! Oh I’m so hard. His penis isn’t small. It’s so beautiful!

  52. hope it is not erect


  54. Well, I guess we can all safely assume he’s not a natural blonde !

  55. If only his foreskin was intact that would make these photos only that much hotter. I wonder if he and Angie circumcised any of their boys. Hope not.

  56. He looks like a Ken doll

  57. jackie strok | July 11, 2009 at 3:18 pm | Reply

    beautiful work that GOD has done on this man.Beautiful!!!!!!!!

  58. Ohhh I’m sooo happy he’s circumcised!!
    Just makes my fantasies even better

  59. I didn’t know these pictures were that old….i must have been ,like, seven…Anyway, Brad had ,wat i like to call, a perfect bod back then. flawless, beautiful, to die for and to kill for….
    And that mangina thing, I would have been embarrassed to death if it were me (the things we do when we think nobody’s looking.LOL)…. I may be gay, but i do have a manly ego/pride…I probably wouldnt leave my home for weeks lol. by now he probably just looks back at it and laugh like hell (which i would too given time)… We all act silly sometimes……..

  60. they are real, he tried to sue playgirl for publishing them… but not much came of it. i so remember that summer of 97, i was about 15 and just “figuring it out” and i remember between the release of these photos and some probably fake ones of matt damon online, i was positive i was a homo for life.

  61. The fact that he is average size just makes him so much hotter!! Yum I wonder how he uses that thing 🙂
    Him and Gwyneth were a hot couple

  62. See – everyone loves a mangina joke.

  63. definitely his best and captured at his peak. Body was sizzling.

  64. TiTi MukhangAri | May 5, 2009 at 12:08 am | Reply

    Damn! Someone should release the hi-res of these pics.

  65. Sorry, gotta give him a just ok

  66. perfect abs..might be a grower not a shower

  67. I always wondered if those photos were real..

  68. bogart4017 | May 4, 2009 at 3:34 pm | Reply

    nice body, average penis.

  69. he was so hot then…

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