!! OMG gossip: Shia LaBeouf should stop talking !!

Shia LaBeouf would do it with his mom. You know, if she weren’t his mom. [rtm]
OMG Robert Pattinson gay kiss! [yeeeah]
Lindsay Lohan falls off the red carpet [socialite life]
Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal got married [evil beet]
Pink denies tabloid accusation that she is bisexual [towleroad]
OMG crazy Britney Spears fan arrested on stage at a concert! [l.a. rag mag]
Ed Westwick tries to sweat off some pounds on the soccer field [popbytes]
Wentworth Miller gets dapper for GQ Italy [oh la la]
Has Rihanna rekindled the fire with her “love god” ex-boyfriend? [the bosh]
OMG tripod dogs! [urlesque]
You knew it was coming: Miss California NOM trannie [wow report]
Eminem‘s battle with pills over for now [anything hollywood]
OMG Susan Boyle pizza! [tabloid prodigy]

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