!! OMG, coming to a theater near you? Downton Abbey !!

THIS is why the Golden Globes exist — to bring film and television’s finest together to cross-pollinate for one night. On the heels of success at this year’s Globes, Downton Abbey creator Julien Fellows was reportedly swarmed by directors and actors (including Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon) expressing interest in taking the miniseries from the small to the silver screen. It hardly needs to be said, but Downton Abbey: The Movie is only going to work if the script is dominated by Maggie Smith’s saucy one-liners.
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3 Comments on "OMG, coming to a theater near you? Downton Abbey"

  1. As charming as it is, this scene makes no sense ; she would have discovered it was a swivel chair the moment she first sat down.

  2. Absolutely Eko. I don’t understand why Hollywood has to Americanise movies so. For example, I’ve seen The Iron Lady and Meryl (whom I adore) made a good job of Maggie T, but all the way through, she looked like a (slightly older) Hollywood model playing the worst prime minister we’ve ever had in this country, rather than the hard-faced bitch she was in real life. It was off-putting. If Downton – The Movie comes to the screen, please keep the Brits (and one token American!) in! The current cast is perfect.

  3. If Downton Abbey gets a movie, they absolutely must keep the original cast. No replacing this person or that with Hollywood types looking for another awards nomination. Other roles perhaps, but the original cast must be kept intact or they will alienate the fans and ruin the feel of it. Downton Abbey is an amazing piece of television, I for one, love it!

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