!! OMG, copycat video alert: Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl’ !!

The video for Rihanna’s awesome new single “Only Girl (In the World)” was released today, and it’s giving me more than shades of Kelis. It’s giving me firework explosions of Kelis and running through desolate fields of Kelis. Compare and contrast these stills from Rihanna’s “Only Girl” video with those of the video of “Fourth of July” by Kelis.
When I first heard Rihanna’s new single, I thought, wow she is doing just what Kelis did earlier this year: She’s coming out with a gay dance album. That’s cool, I love “Only Girl” and hope the whole album reaches that standard of pop goodness. But it looks like Rihanna is coming for Kelis in more ways than just her sound, but also very specific themes of her video.
Watch both videos after the jump and decide for yourself.

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6 Comments on "OMG, copycat video alert: Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl’"

  1. The video itself notwithstanding, I can’t help but feel Rihanna ripped off David Guetta’s “Sexy Bitch”…

  2. …and tehre is definitly a little tim walker going on! the tree with the clothes…and the light! and the big flower!

  3. And they both ripped off Feist’s “I Feel It All” video – the definitive frolicking in a field with fireworks music video from recent years: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-iAS18rv68&ob=av2e
    Though Rihanna wins the biggest budget for color correction title.

  4. Rhianna totally directed and came up with the whole concept of her music video, right?

  5. Kelis makes Rihanna look the like the strident hack that she is. Bravo to you for pointing it out.

  6. As much as I love RIRI, Kelis’ earth, wind, fire and water extravaganza wins this one hands down!

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