!! OMG, could it be?! James Franco’s peen !!

James Franco‘s penis, is that you? Hard to tell (since it could be the ol’ finger trick), but not totally unlikely since it came direct from Franco’s Twitter feed. See the head-scratching shot after the jump.
(via Gawker)


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10 Comments on "OMG, could it be?! James Franco’s peen"

  1. I love the way James gives the finger to all you
    c u n t s

  2. Jean Jacket sleeve and that is his left hand and the pinky.
    Try fantasizing that the curly stuff is your hair and he is pushing your head back down, again!
    Get a life!

  3. I do not understand the picture.
    The top left could be a calf and ankle.
    The button is to big to be Levis button fly jeans.
    I do not see a zipper.
    Looks more like a left hand holding something.

  4. no one ever asked him? i just hope its his penis on twitter.

  5. I’m gonna choose option 3 and say it’s a fake dick (think bachelorette party favors) that he’s shoving out his pants.
    We sold that kind of shit at my work and I always wondered why they were such and unnatural rose-pink, like that in the picture.

  6. You guys, its his thumb or something. i doubt he would post his penis on twitter

  7. I don’t see a knuckle. What I do see is a certain pinkishness to what’s popping through the zipper. Taking into consideration the length of the arm and the bulge to his left of the “exposed” area, I am inclined to believe that it is not his hand but I have to wonder why he would post this for the world to see. Sure, he’s a bit of a non-conformist but he has to know that people pay attention to this type of tease. On the other hand, having seen him naked and near naked in a couple of his movies, the size of what is being shown does not compute. For me, I like the tease, its almost funny really. Which I would expect from a college student. (But I do wonder – what the hack is that black band around his waist? It does not look like a belt)

  8. Well, that is the top of his hand sticking out of his jeans, and since I doubt his fingers are that long, it really could be his wang.

  9. Ew. If that’s his peen, then I am no longer a fan.

  10. I see a knuckle…

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