!! OMG, cut the crap: ‘Dance Moms’ !!

This…is…TERRIFYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! I cannot think of anything scarier than a big, bossy woman whose life revolves around forcing little girls to gyrate in shiny costumes. I might have to actively avoid Lifetime just in case I stumble across an episode while channel surfing.

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11 Comments on "OMG, cut the crap: ‘Dance Moms’"

  1. OMG!!! It’s reality tv!!!!! Half or it is staged!

  2. Christi is a psycho, so is the bug eyed mom with the short hair. They act like 13 year old girls in highschool that make Maddie feel like shit for winning, her mom too. I understand it’s frustrating that Maddie wins a lot.. but i’m sure if it was one of their children winning everytime, they wouldn’t complain for one second. this show is sad and i feel sooooooooo bad for these children 🙁

  3. You all need to get a grip. This is a REALITY TV show… Do you all not realize that the only parts you are seeing are the BAD parts when it escalates to the point that the straw broke the camel’s back? They aren’t showing you the smiles, hugs, or laughter because that doesn’t make for good television. I talk to my students like that too when I’ve had my fill of stupid mistakes.
    Abby Lee Miller knows what she is doing… so does Cathy. In case you didn’t know much of this is STAGED. Cathy and Abby get along famously in the REAL world.
    Point in fact… Cathy actually warns Vivi when something is about to go down. And to you Gi… shame on you for saying things like that about Vivi. She is a CHILD. And you think Abby is a bully and talks inappropriately about children? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. I think the mother’s who subject their children to Abby’s big, ugly face should have to see a psychologist. I have three kids and I understand wanting to give our children the best opperunities. However,subjecting kids to this type of abuse can teach them that it is oksy to cut others down as long as they get ahead. I’m not sure who I feel the most sorry for, the kids or Abby herself. She obviously has some issues that she can only deal with by cutting down the children she teaches. It’s very sad.

  5. I LOVE dance moms! the studio is like 10 mins from my house! I cheered for 8 years competitively so I know how those girls feel, but abby is cocky and out of her mind. Cathy is psychotic and her child should be in soccer or something. I can’t believe she thought her kids could beat anyone, let alone abby. They also need to give credit to the real choreographers cause we all know abby doesn’t get off her fat ass and teach those girls the dances herself. Get real.

  6. Cathy Nesbitt Stein’s daughter has no talent as a dancer, Walks through the show as if she has a mental retardation problem and is just waiting to become a Lesbian or have a sex change,as did Chers daughter., Looks like one of those bug eyed pugs . ..And her mother wonders why the head shots of her kid didn’t turn out “cute”/ This mother is repulsive, and delusional.

  7. I think Abby is abrasive but she knows what she is doing. That poor child Vivi Ann has absoluetly no talent at all and her mother is very annoying. I think I would put Vivi Ann in another activity that she could excell at because dance is not going to make her a star like her psycho mother wants. Maddie is just amazing……Chloe is good also but then again her mother is out of control. This is a great show. just love it.

  8. I was horrified by tonight’s episode. Those poor little girls. Who are these psycho women allowing their kids to be abused this way. The sad thing is that the teacher must have some talent to have girls that are that skilled, but she is a horrifying person that should not be allowed around children. Then the parents getting into screaming matches in front of the kids out of jealousy. Horrors! I took my daughter to dance class when she was a little girl because I thought she might enjoy it, but when she told me she didn’t like it, that was it. These mothers keep abusing their kids out of their own pathetic desire to live their dreams through their children. Lifetime missed the mark with this show. It sickens me to think that this is what America has come to. That poor little girl that froze on stage. She might never recover from that and it may haunt her for life…and we know that the ‘teacher’ was going to rant and rave at her. It was horrible.

  9. This is like watching the Titanic sinking…helplessly watching a tragedy occur. Those girls are living their moms’ dreams. Those moms and Abby Lee deserve one another. The kids don’t deserve that. These moms compromise their own values at the expense of their daughters. Why didn’t even one of them take her daughter out of the competition when the girls were dressed so trashy? How can another mom put dance competition before her daughter’s physical well being? And “Cathy Nesbitt-Stein” what a total WHACKO!!!!!! She’s not raising a child, she’s raising a trophy. I got on her dance studio website and had half a mind to tell her a few things. But she’s so clueless it wouldn’t even matter. These are KIDS! What does it say when a child wants to skip practice so she can finish homework and the mom discourages it? They’ll be on Dr. Phil in a few years.

  10. Yeah, you can’t skip Lifetime…you’ll miss Roseanne’s Nuts, and that is a must see lol Her son Jake is a major hottie and the show is actually good…I like how her boyfriend gives her back the shit she gives people

  11. This show comes on right after Roseanne’s Nuts, which I do watch but quickly turn the channel once it’s over so that I don’t have to be subjected to the horrors of Dance Moms.

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