!! OMG, cute: Scaredy bear !!

This poor little baby bear can’t find any rest, between the lion cubs putting him in a corner, crazy monkey jumping on his belly, and the spookiest thing of all: a shadow on the floor! (Thanks to Ari for the tip!)

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18 Comments on "OMG, cute: Scaredy bear"

  1. yeah, the first time the lioncub startles the bearcub, I thought it was hilarious and cute. But by the time I realized how terrified the lil’ dude/dudette is, I felt awful…
    Some people don’t really grasp the concept of exploitation, which is important to know in this hyper-media age we’re in.

  2. This is deliberate cruelty, which is not funny — ever. The human attendants could have done something to remove the cub from a situation that it found terrorizing. Instead, they laughed at it . . . sick behavior.

  3. you are trash, Julian.

  4. You know, I am SHOCKED at how rude everyone who has commented is thus far. Considering the bear is in captivity and supervised (and the fact no-one FORCED him onto the lion or monkey), not only does he have an actual chance to LIVE, but there’s a good chance that this is LESS stress he would see than in the wild, you know… with snakes, full grown mountain lions, human hunters, poison oak, and fly agaric mushrooms… just to name a few things that a lone bear cub may have to deal with on any single day.
    I happen to think this was not only cute, but funny too. I guess now I’m moral garbage.

  5. Craig in Portland | July 26, 2009 at 11:13 am | Reply

    NOT funny. Terribly cruel.

  6. How can such stress be cute.

  7. oh you queens get over it. i bet you much prefer he reside with his mother who would teach him how to bite humans and steal our honey!

  8. Okay. I am goin on a limb here & say that I found this shit hysterical.
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  9. That’s weak man.
    Really weak. And pretty sick of you to put it up

  10. this is so sad!

  11. The bear cub is cute. Putting it under these stressful conditions is not.

  12. Very cruel! Not funny!

  13. And a tiny bear being this scared is funny why?

  14. This is cruel. This poor little baby bear has no mother, is clearly feeling stressed and threatened. I feel sad for him. He just wants his mommy to keep him safe.

  15. what the hell? let’s TERRIFY a baby bear and then laugh at it! this is sick and not funny at all. let someone do that with your kid and see how humorous it is!

  16. Not funny, just mean and cruel.

  17. NOT funny!! That poor bear!!

  18. What really disgusts me about this is; people in the country where this took place, find this sort of thing cute and entertaining.

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