!! OMG, damage control?: Gay Rights at The White House !!

After lots of heat for his gay rights record lately, Obama is announcing benefits for same-sex government employees including family medical leave, hospital visitation rights, healthcare for children of domestic partners. See the full list of changes HERE. Hmmm…just in time for Pride week in some really gay cities. Avoiding a riot, are we?
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4 Comments on "OMG, damage control?: Gay Rights at The White House"

  1. i don’t come to this site for political coverage and now i know why. “john” has it right. this memorandum was a sham intended to shut up the gullible and fool them into showing up to the dem fundraiser. this administration has, in a short six months, betrayed the gay community in court..TWICE.. using the most vile stereotypes and comparisons.
    this notion that barack is on our side..if we just wait until the next election.. is preposterous. this political struggle for equality has been going on for decades, it did not begin with barack and it doesn’t end with him. dick cheney has been more supportive of equality than this hopey-changey administration that uses us for votes and money and then stabs us in the back.

  2. Sorry, I disagree (with the first post). He’s doing nothing but harm.
    First, his DOJ supports the Defense of Marriage act, and drew parallels between same-sex marriage and pedophilia and bestiality.
    Second, he has backed down from his commitment to end “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” for the military.
    Third, he openly opposes same-sex marriage. He says civil unions are OK. Sounds like the ol’ “separate but equal” to me.
    Finally, this “move” to allow some benefits, first off, gives them benefits they already had (in practice). It just officiates them into policy. Not only does it leave out important and significant benefits, it allows for the positive-sounding news bytes, “Obama Extends Same Sex Partners Federal Benefits” without actually doing anything.
    All harm. No good.
    Obama fail.

  3. Now don’t get me wrong guys, but from this side of the pond, it seems that Obama is actually doing his stuff on gay rights, albeit slowly. Don’t forget, you had 8 years of right wing, homophobic bigoted crap from Dubya. In securing his victory, Obama appealed to the regular black voter, many of whom are very religious and who need persuading that gay people are as worthy as black people in receiving rights (and don’t shout at me here, I’m not tarring all black and ethnic minority people with the same brush, just those straight, straight-laced ones, of which there are many. There are also loads of white folks who think this way too).
    As I see it, Obama isn’t working his magic on gay rights as quickly as he could……..BUT…..he is delivering on them. Hell, he even made a non-homophobic joke about getting spliced in Iowa, which I see as a way of making people aware that this is his agenda. He agrees with it, so get used to it is the message he’s giving. So, by giving benefits to White House staff in this way, it’s another piece of the puzzle in place.
    Over here in the UK, Tony Blair did the same thing. He brought in small change after small change after small change. Now, we can have Civil Partners (okay, so we can’t marry…..but that will come), the age of consent has been reduced, equality laws have changed and all without any great fanfare.
    The counter-argument is, of course, why can’t we make a big thing of this and let people know we’re here, but this is a massive step for a huge amount of people to digest. It’s worked here and tolerance is at its highest level ever. Let Obama get on with it. Let him go slow and by all means, let him know when you’re frustrated, but I do believe change will come for you guys and Obama is the man to do it. It’s a fine line he has to tread in order to unite Americans on this one, rather than the divisive way the previous idiot presided. He needs to take his time but you will reap the benefits and I can’t wait to see you enjoying your gay lives as much as me and my wonderful ‘hubby’ do (8 years together last week and three years ‘married’ next October)

  4. big friggin deal.
    it doesnt include health care or retirement!

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