!! OMG, Dario Argento to oversee ‘SUSPIRIA’ TV Series !!

This could be interesting! Screen Daily is reporting that director and horror icon Dario Argento will over see a SUSPIRIA TV series!

“The extraordinary freedom of expression and creativity that modern TV drama now offers and the interest that the public has shown towards it have encouraged me to take a stab at this new genre,” Argento tells the trade. Both SUSPIRIA and DJANGO will start out with 12 hour-long episodes, with plans to continue them for multiple seasons. Atlantique’s Olivier Bibas and creative director Patrick Nebout will executive-produce alongside Cattleya partners Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini and Marco Chimenz.

We’re picturing SUSPIRIA meets the CW! Lots of teen drama, murder, ketchup and of course — red and blue lightbulbs!
[via fangoria]

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