!! OMG, do TUCK it up: now casting ‘Drag Race Season 6’ !!

RuPaul is ravenous…we’re barely halfway through season 5 and already her royal HERness is purveying for subjects for Drag Race Season 6!
You’d thing Ru would be too full up on FISH-TAGINE to look for more contestants already?!
Do you have:
N-erve &
T-alent ?
If your answers are “yes, yes, yes, and somewhat-but-could-be-improved-upon” then get out your flip-phone and video-tape yourself an audition-reel, then grab your SMELLY-FRUITY-HIGHLIGHTER-PENS to fill out an application.
All details can be found at www.rdrcasting.com
SHEmail [email protected] with questions & queries.
I hear her hunting-horn-bugle-laugh sounding through the forest, her Ru-al Highness is huntying for her 6th course:
Show her your CAKE-FACE…and may the best woMAN WIN!

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