!! OMG, Don’t forget the anal beads !!

Shit! Someone found my shopping list!
(Via WOW Report)

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7 Comments on "OMG, Don’t forget the anal beads"

  1. The birthday cards I think are for two different people- its an ampersand between the names, not an initial.

  2. @FakeName well you see, since it’s just Walter, it could be any number of Walters, but it looks like they blurred out someone’s full name middle initial included for the birthday card.

  3. Butt plug for Walter….XL…..Preparation H for Walter…Well I guess we know why Walter needs the Prep H LOL

  4. At least the XL veggies are “happy.”
    Poor Walter, he gets a fist-sized butt plug AND Preparation H.

  5. LOL – all that and Hamburger Helper!

  6. So…knowing who gets the birthday cards is somehow an invasion of privacy but knowing that the XL black butt plug is for Walter isn’t?!

  7. My favorite are the XL Carrots/Celery and Cucumbers:) Staples in any house!

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