!! OMG, don’t forget: Vote NO on 8 !!

Kathy Griffin and fwiends are here to give you all that last boost to get the word out to all your friends, family, and even your enemies in California to vote NO on Prop 8 so that gay people in California can continue to get married. It’s not just about us, it’s about human rights and equality. It would be a sad day to see this right revoked and for mankind to take a step backward. Via CAUSECAST.
If you need help finding your polling place, visit voteforchange.com. And don’t forget to bring your ID when you go to the polls!

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3 Comments on "OMG, don’t forget: Vote NO on 8"

  1. Maybe that approach didn’t work because these people who voted yes obviously DON’T have any real friends who are openly gay. IMO opinion a convincing ad would have reminded people that if we allowed the public to vote on other civil rights, we’d still have segregated schools and interracial marriages would still be illegal.

  2. Unfortunately it passed…

  3. who is that guy in blue shirt with gray sweater jacket.

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